How To Know Union Bank Of India Customer ID?

union bank of india Customer ID

Without going to a UBI bank or an ATM, one may now quickly make transactions and pay various types of bills. The only thing you need is your UBI bank’s customer ID to access the unlimited features of net banking. It is one of the more advanced features offered by banking institutions to make their services more user-friendly.

The Union Bank of India account holders with a savings or current account are issued a UBI Customer ID, a unique identification code. 

What Is The Customer ID In Union Bank Of India?

Union Bank of india customer ID is 9 digit unique number which is assigned to user to perform Online operation in their bank account. Every individual having a savings/current account has a personal nine-digit UBI Customer ID identification code (e.g 234987456). The individual having UBI multiple accounts in a bank has the same UBI Customer ID for the bank accounts. A unique number known as a UBI Customer ID is required to use internet banking. 

UBI offers many banking services such as mobile banking, online banking, paying bills and ticket bookings, etc. Therefore, customers are encouraged to utilize Customer ID for Net Banking.

How To Know Union Bank Of India Customer ID?

Net banking is a premium service that must be activated before you want to start using the service. The Union Bank Customer ID is sent to all account holders when they have been successfully part of the bank. A UBI Customer ID is a unique identification number provided by the bank services for accessing a bank account through net banking.

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It is necessary to keep your UBI Customer ID and password private to ensure safe and secure access.

You may find out your UBI Customer ID using any of these three methods.

Method 1: Using Your UBI Welcome Kit Letter

Union Bank Of India Customer ID may be simply obtained on the first page of your bank passbook. You receive a UBI welcome packet as well as a chequebook when you open an account with City Union Bank. The UBI Customer ID can be found on the welcome package as well as the Chequebook’s first page.

Method 2: By Calling Customer Care Number

Customers of Union Bank of India can also make use of customer service. It can be obtained by calling the Union Bank customer service number 044-71225000 from your registered mobile phone.

Steps to knowing UBI Customer ID By Calling Customer Care Number:

  • Dial “044-71225000” from your mobile.
  • To speak with an executive, choose the IVR option.
  • Tell them you are searching for your customer identification number.
  • The executive may inquire for some details. Give valid information.
  • The executive will assist you in obtaining your customer identification number.

Method 3: By Visiting Bank Branch 

Go to the home branch of your UBI account. If you don’t know your UBI customer ID, tell the bank staff. They may want information such as your account number, date of birth, and so on. They will afterward assist you in obtaining your UBI CIF number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of The Union Bank Of India Customer ID?

The Union Bank of India Customer ID is used to know your User ID, which further accesses the Net banking facilities.

Where Is The Customer ID In The Union Bank Of India Passbook?

You can find the UBI Customer ID on the first page of the Passbook with all the necessary information. You may also obtain the UBI Customer ID at the top of the page by using an account statement.

What Are UBI CIF And Customer ID?

Both UBI CIF and Customer ID are the unique identification number given to the Union Bank of Inida account-holders.

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