Tyler Wilson Doyle Court Case & Latest Update On Tyler Doyle Missing

The court case of Tyler Wilson Doyle was a complex and emotional journey.

There were many twists and turns, but in the end, justice was served.

Tyler Doyle was proven not-guilty and relieved of all charges, and the defense was able to prove his innocence.

In this article we will discuss about Tyler Wilson Doyle course case and latest update on Tyler Doyle missing.

Tyler Wilson Doyle Court Case

Tyler Doyle Attempted Murder or Boating Accident

In 2011, Tyler Wilson Doyle was faced with a life-altering charge.

Along with three others, he was accused of being involved in the murder of Christopher Cumming, a student at Old Dominion University.

The case quickly became a topic of discussion, as people tried to piece together what had happened.

After being charged with robbery and murder, Tyler Doyle was put on trial.

The proceedings lasted for only two hours, but in the end, the verdict was in his favor.

Tyler Doyle was proven not-guilty and relieved of all charges.

This was a huge win for the defense, led by attorney Emily Munn.

Latest Update On Tyler Doyle Missing

January 26, Tyler Doyle went missing after his boat took on water and sank in the Little River area.

As per the Coast Guard authorities, he was last seen wearing khaki pants and a camo jacket.

  • Another person present on the boat was saved by the North Jetties.
  • Tyler Doyle went duck hunting on a 16-foot john boat on January 26 and has not returned since.
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On the day of his disappearance, Horry County Fire Rescue responded to the scene of the incident just before 5.00 pm.

Tyler Doyle’s Hunting waders, a wallet, and duck decoys believed to belong to him were recovered.

His driver’s license and waders that were reportedly found were floating in the water 2 miles east of Ocean Isle Beach.

Fast forward to tonight 2/1/23 Tyler still has not been located after many searches being conducted.

Tyler Doyle Attempted Murder or Boating Accident

♦️Wednesday 2/1/23

7:08 pm update on Tyler Doyle

This is what we have so far.

Five of his decoys were found today near that same inlet.

Note: these were several miles out as Tyler may be further than we think.

However, if he is close to shore, he should not be past Southport as the river channel should bring him in.

As mentioned in the post before, Wilmington should be the further he should be.

His last decoy was closest to shore.

Even though this is not him, this is still good news as it shows his direction he may be going.

All help will be needed tomorrow as the water is supposed to get cold tonight.

As mentioned before, Tyler is believed to be in a life jacket and will not have much energy to be waving someone down.

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You will have to see him.

Those with the smaller boats should check the channels, boats 19-22 ft stay within 2 miles, and all other 3-10miles outlook elsewhere.

Those without a boat walking can be help as well as anywhere north of here he can be seen.

Think of Tyler as floating bouy and he should be close and near his findings as the lighter decoys and floating waders should float at the same speed if not faster than him.

The water is supposed to be cold tonight so all hands on deck tomorrow.

Update: the lone decoy was closer to 2-3 miles out.


10:28pm journey on Tyler Doyle from a friend that is searching.

We have another one his decoys (only about 8-10 left).

This one was currently found on the same cape fear river channel going INLAND.

This great progress and I would like everyone possible to be inland tomorrow looking for him and deep sea boats on the other side.

We neee the smaller boats to get where the bigger boats can.

We are getting closer everyday!

This is the complete path we are currently on.

The river channel should be easier on his body than the ocean.

▪️⚠️They are still holding onto hope.

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We don’t want to go here but it does need to be addressed.

If Tyler has not made it his body should start to float to the surface, if it hasn’t already. (It’s unknown for a fact if he had his life jacket on).

This is depending if he wasn’t caught on debris

No information or evidence has been found to suggest that Tyler Doyle’s disappearance was due to an attempted murder.

The United States Coast Guard conducted a search for 45 hours covering over 694 miles, but were unable to locate him.

The search has been suspended, but the investigation is ongoing.

Source: The Missing Truth

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