Tasmania Trout Lady Video: Viral Tassie Trout Lady Cemetery Video On Reddit & Twitter

The world was shocked when a video featuring a Tasmanian couple engaging in explicit acts went viral.

The video, now known as the “Trout for Clout” video, showed the couple participating in prohibited activities in a cemetery and on a boat with a trout fish.

As soon as the video went viral, the authorities took action against the couple and charged them with two offenses.

In the viral video, The women is 57-year-old and the man is 54-year-old which are from Southern Tasmania.

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Response Of Kingston Animal Hospital To Trout Lady Video

The woman featured in the widely-shared video involving bestiality has been identified as a former employee of a Hobart veterinarian clinic.

The clinic, the Kingston Animal Hospital, has issued a statement stressing that the woman no longer has any connection with the clinic.

Response of Kingston Animal Hospital to Trout Lady Video

The man who filmed the video, which has been viewed by millions across the world, has previously been charged with a separate fishing-related offense.

Illegal Cemetery Video: Disgusting Behaviour Under Investigation

The other video, which has also been widely condemned on social media in which the lady engaging in sexual activity on the grave.

St Mark’s Anglican Cemetery in Cressy, near Launceston, is where the grave is located, belonging to the late David Hammond Chapman, a landscape painter.

The Tasmania Police have acknowledged the presence of both videos and have initiated the investigation.

Additionally, they have urge social media users to delete the video immediately, as it may be deemed a criminal offense to possess or distribute it.

The Couple’s Court Appearance

The couple will face their charges in the Hobart Magistrates Court at a future date

The court will decide the fines and punishment upon the hearing, but the date has not been revealed.

A Warning From Tasmania Police

The Tasmania Police have warned the public that anyone found with or distributing the video could face criminal charges

Police are also investigating the matter and have urged anyone who has a copy of the video to delete it immediately.

The couple’s behavior has been widely criticized, with hundreds of thousands of viewers expressing disgust at their actions.