Why Are Your TikTok Videos Not Getting Views

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While creating content online, every creator, especially the social media content creators, aims for a huge number of views, shares, and likes.

TikTok is a popular social media platform that helps you to share your ideology, creativity, and skills with a huge audience.

However, many times even after giving your best, you do not get an appropriate number of views.

But don’t worry. This article covers all your concerns about TikTok videos not getting views regard.

Why Are Your TikTok Videos Not Getting Views?

Your TikTok videos may not be getting views because you are a new user on the platform.

There are many reasons why your TikTok videos are not getting views.

Some general and common reasons behind the same are listed below:

1. You Are A New User On TikTok

While your TikTok account is new or you have started your TikTok account with a different user name, the audience doesn’t get acquainted with your videos on their feed or through searches.

Therefore, make sure you promote your TikTok account with an accurate username to ensure that your TikTok account is visible to every user.

2. Irregularity In Posting

When you post regularly on your TikTok account or channel, you are most likely to get a regular audience.

However, if you do not have a certain schedule for posting your videos or content online, it becomes difficult for the audience to trace you or notice that you have posted a TikTok video.

Hence, you must post regularly or at a certain time.

3. Content Objections

Many times, the content you cover in your TikTok videos is not relevant or can be found offensive by a certain group of community.

This can result in getting a lower number of likes or views than usual.

While creating a video and posting it on TikTok, you must adhere to certain rules and regulations and also ensure that your content is relevant.

4. Previous Image Of User

Several users post different and offensive videos once in a while.

This can highly affect their overall image and audience interaction.

This is further highlighted in the number of views you get.

Based on your previous video content and your interactions with the audience, the views of your current TikTok videos can be highly affected.

How Can You Get More Views On TikTok Videos?

Following are the different ways in which you can increase your TikTok views:

1. Aim For The Right Audience

To get more views on TikTok videos, make sure that you spread your TikTok videos amongst an audience that can highly relate to your content and will be excited to watch some more.

By doing this, you can ensure that each video gets maximum views and likes whenever you post audience-appropriate content online. 

You can also take the help of the other influencers or content creators your target audience is usually following or engaging with.

Collaborating with other users will also improve the share, and repost number of your videos as your audience will share it with their peers and hence increasing your audience to the next level.

2. Make Videos On Trending Sounds

Another method you can use to get more views on TikTok videos is to keep yourself in the loop of trending videos that will give you an idea about the sound or songs the users are usually watching.

This will help you to be in the trend and improve your overall number of views on the videos.

Not only this but also keep a check on the new and trending effects released by the TikTok platform.

You can make interesting and engaging videos on the newly released effects, and trending sounds to make sure that your video is available on every other feed easily.

3. Keep A Watch On The Timer

Mostly, audiences are bound to get bored during a long TikTok video.

Thus to increase your views on your TikTok videos, you must keep them short and keep a strict watch on the timer.

Make sure you cover the trending content or meaningful topics throughout your videos in the shortest way possible. 

This will allow the users to watch your videos again and again without engaging them for a longer time.

However, if your content is relevant and appropriate, you can make videos for up to 10 minutes but make sure that you use engaging methods to keep your audience interested throughout the period.

4. Use FYP Page

FYP is an abbreviation for “for you page”. Once you get featured on this page, you will get an unlimited number of views and that two without users directly following you.

Basically, your page is a place where you get an unlimited number of TikTok videos based on the trends and the relevance of the video.

You can easily get featured on the For You Page if you keep certain factors in your mind.

These factors include that you engage with your audience properly, include various hashtags and keywords on the captions of your videos, post regularly on the app, and make relevant videos.

5. Engage With Other TikTok Influencers Online

Another successful way to boost up your views on the videos you post regularly is by meeting videos with top influencers on the platform.

You can engage with a huge audience and their followers if you find a way to collaborate with them and make videos that suit your niche and theirs.

Also, This can help you to keep posting trendy stuff and be in the loop of what is loved by the audience mostly.

6. Make Relevant Content Videos

In addition to the regular creative videos, you can also make various topic-specific videos.

You can either engage in only creative videos or enhance your scoop to educational videos, online teaching, skills, and tricks for various software and games, and much more to keep your audience entertained and also make watching your every video worthwhile.

This way, you will interact with the larger audience instead of just an audience that likes to scroll

7. Add Valuable Keywords

The captions of your videos can also attract a huge audience for you.

Make sure you examine the trending keywords and add them in your captions carefully to attract different groups of audiences to your videos and page.

Adding valuable keywords will help you to get in the sight of different users and bring them to your page.

8. Promote Others Too

With this technique, you can promote the other influencers and new users to increase your as well as their audience tremendously.

All you need to ask them is to promote you on their account, and you can do the same for them.

This way, both the users will be highly benefited, and users can explore your profile as well.

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TikTok No Views After An Hour

If you have no views on your TikTok videos after an hour, you can either wait for your views to get up or simply check if your story is even available to all the users or not.

Many times the users restrict the viewers from accessing their videos, due to which your views might not go up.

Also, make sure you check if Instagram has blocked your TikTok videos from the user’s feed or has deleted them from your profile itself.

Else, the reason can be that you do not have enough followers or the video was not seen by any user till now.

You can wait for a few more hours, and the number should go up. You can promote your video on different platforms to increase your views.

Why Is TikTok Not Showing My Videos To My Followers?

The reason why TikTok is not showing my videos to my followers is because of shadowbanning.

The shadow banning Process is a way for the platform to restrict the number of viewers that can watch or access your video on their respective accounts.

This can be an outcome of posting a video that does not follow the rules and regulations of the platform or in any way violates the TikTok terms of service.

Also, you will not be given any warning or notification about getting shadow banned from the platform for a certain video.

However, this ban will not be released, and your video will remain available to only a few spectators.

To avoid such situations, make sure you adhere to the rules and regulations set by the TikTok platform.

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How To Get More Views On TikTok After Posting?

You can get more views on TikTok after posting by following the techniques:

1. Try To Add More Hashtags And Repost It

In your caption, make sure you add the trending hashtags with your videos.

However, if you have missed the chance to add appropriate and trending hashtags to the video captions, you can easily take down the video and add the hashtags properly and repost the TikTok video online.

2. Promote Your Video On Different Platforms

You can promote your video on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., to increase the number of views on the video you have already posted online.

make sure you have a huge audience on different social media platforms to make your video more engaging

3. Collaborate With Influencers

You can ask your known influencers and friends to share your video on their respective social media platforms, which will certainly help you to increase the number of views on your current video without taking it down.

Why Your TikTok Views Suddenly Stop?

One of many reasons your TikTok views suddenly stop is Shadowbanning.

Also, if your content in any way violates the rules and regulations of TikTok services or is found offensive by any community, the video will not be available for the users, and hence, the views will stop suddenly.

Another reason why views on your TikTok video are stopped is that your video is under review.

Thus, ensure that your videos are available to the users only then the view count will increase.

How Long Does It Take For A TikTok To Get Views?

The time is not the same for everyone. Generally, it takes a little time for you to notice that your TikTok video has received views online.

Although, the TikTok platform counts every view if a user plays your video for about 5 seconds.

However, highlighting the same digit on your application might take a little time. Also, the platform has to determine if the TikTok video must be available for a certain user or not.

This will also take a few seconds to process. Therefore, before panicking in this situation, you must wait for a few minutes.

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The TikTok views are one of the major deciding factors if you will get paid for your content or not. Also, the more views you have more will be your followers.

Every view you get on your video turns into a potential follower and hence, becomes significant for the content creator.

Make sure you use different tactics and techniques to not only attract audiences to your videos but also keep them hooked to your videos and other content to increase your following.