The Technoblade Timer: A Tribute To A Minecraft Legend

“Technoblade never dies,” as followers of the late Minecraft legend Technoblade are aware.

When the Technoblade Timer was introduced, several fans were concerned it was all a joke despite the fact that this word had been featured on the gamer’s gear.

On January 25, however, the countdown to the release of the “Technoblade Never Dies” collection came to a conclusion.

Many players were curious as to what would happen when the timer ran out before the collection was made available because it was counting down to the goods drop.

One of the most well-liked hypotheses was put out by a TikTok user, who thought that since the Technoblade Timer ends on January 25—National Opposite Day—it may all be a joke.

But now that the timer has sounded, it is obvious that the stunt was not intended to be a joke but rather a strategy to advertise the arrival of brand-new, limited-edition products.

By entering the phrase “respawn” into the timer’s enter-by-password section, some dedicated Technoblade fans were able to purchase the items before the general public.

A fitting memorial to the Minecraft star who passed away in July 2022 at the age of 23 from sarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue disease, the collection comprises t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other things bearing the famous “Technoblade Never Dies” tagline.

The true identity of Technoblade, whose real name was Alex, remained a secret until his passing.

His online avatar photo earned him the nickname “the crowned pig” from his followers. The distribution of this item is a method for Technoblade’s followers to continue to express their support and preserve his memory after he revealed his cancer diagnosis in August 2021.

His 10 million followers were shown the last game footage and a “facial reveal” in the “so long nerds” video.

Additionally, in the video, his father praises him and calls him “the most fantastic kid anyone could possibly want for.” Alex wrote the final note hours before he passed away, and his father read it to him.

“Hello everyone, this is Technoblade. Should you be watching. I’m gone. As he joked about the time he tricked viewers into believing his name was Dave, he then disclosed that his true name was Alex.

Despite the uncertainty and rumours it may have caused, the Technoblade Timer is ultimately a fitting memorial to the Minecraft icon and a method for supporters to uphold his memory and legacy.