What Are TBQ And TSQ?


Are you new to the stock market? Have you heard traders using some short forms like TBQ and TSQ?

Many new traders have started trading but they get confused when they hear TBQ and TSQ. The traders who are experienced and aware of trading and stocks know about these short forms.

If you don’t know about TBQ and TSQ read the full topic below to understand it. 

What Are TBQ And TSQ?

TBQ: The full form of TBQ is total buy quantity which means a total number of bought or bid orders active on the exchange for a stock in the stock market. It simply means the total number of stocks you have purchased.

TSQ: The full form of TSQ is total sell quantity which means the total number of sell orders activated on the exchange for a stock.

The traders can check both total buy and total sell quantity in the trading app. by clicking on the ‘in-depth’ option in their trading account. The trading application will show the top buyer and seller quantity.

How Do TBQ And TSQ Get Changed?

The fluctuations in the stocks change the number of TBQ and TSQ. by adding the sum of supply, and the demand of that stock decides the total number of TBQ and TSQ. 

When the demand for a stock increases, the total buy quantity(TBQ increases, and simultaneously the supply gets low that decreasing the total sell quantity(TSQ).

Many traders think the price of the stocks will rise depending on the demand and the supply, which happens but this formula doesn’t work every time. 

What Are The Benefits Of TBQ And TSQ In The Stock Market?

  • TBQ and TSQ help in selecting the entry point in a stock.
  • If the supply starts increasing and demand starts decreasing simultaneously, it becomes difficult for the trader to decide when to exit from the trade, so TBQ and TSQ help traders to decide the exit.
  • TBQ and TSQ help to decide when to enter a stock and long-term investment in stocks. 
  • TBQ and TSQ help the exchanges about a stock’s label whether it is a liquid stock or illiquid stock.
  • Both also help to choose the best stocks for intraday trading, which is very beneficial for traders involved in intraday trading.
  • You can know the average of TBQ and TSQ daily on exchanges if you want to be involved in long-term investment. 

Final Thoughts

After knowing everything about total buy quantity(TBQ) and total sell quantity(TSQ), you must have understood what it is in the stock market and what is the importance of its trading. Both are very important instruments for all stock investors.