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Tafcop dg telecom gov in

Telecom Service Providers must give sufficient telecom assets to the consumers. A DoT (Department of telecommunication) has taken the initiative measures that are helping service providers to provide better services launched a portal https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in. The department takes all vital steps to reduce the fraud activities and to shield the interest of consumers.

The website assists consumers to check the total counts of mobile connections issued on their name and ID that are active. Moreover, the connection may be regularised when needed. The TAF department ensures the responsibility of service providers to handle the subscriber acquisition form.

tafcop dg telecom gov in Login

The website of TAF-COP facilitates its users to log in directly by entering their mobile number. Follow the steps below.

  1. On, TAF-COP website’s home page, enter your mobile number.
  2. Validate the OTP sent on your mobile number.
  3. Get login to see the details of all mobile connections on a particular ID or name.

tafcop dg telecom gov in Tracking

tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in tracking system tracks the information related to the total number of mobile numbers registered on id or name. First, the subscriber has to visit the website and enter the mobile number, followed by validation of the mobile number with OTP. As the consumers enter the 6-digit numeric OTP. All the information displayed on the screen about how many mobile numbers are registered on the user’s name.

tafcop dg telecom gov in Portal

The telecommunication department has launched an online portal https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in for telecom subscribers to check all the active mobile numbers registered on their name or ID.

What is the TAF cop portal?

TAF-COP portal is a website launched by DoT that makes sure DoT provides the right allocations of assets. In addition, it prohibits fraud activities related to the telecommunication department. According to the government rule, a user can register only nine mobile numbers on his ID or name.

The TAF-COP portal has been developed to check the number of mobile numbers working on a particular individual’s name. It helps its consumers by taking important steps to regularise their other mobile numbers, if any. However, the portal has the prime responsibility to manage CAFs.

This portal also facilitates its subscribers to send notifications by SMS. If your ID is being used to buy SIM cards above 9, the portal will notify you.

Is the TAF cop portal genuine?

Yes, the TAF-COP portal is a genuine portal developed by the department of telecommunication under the Indian government. The first thing that proves its Genuity is its domain extension. The website has a .gov domain extension which denotes it’s a government portal. Furthermore, the website is fully secured by SSL (secure socket layer). 

It has been designed with a prime goal to resist sim cards fraud. With the help of this, users can track how many sims are active on their numbers. They can report easily If there seems to be any fraud activities.

How do you test for Tafcop?

Anyone can test TAF-COP how it works by simply visiting the portal followed by entering the number and validating it with OTP. The details will be at your fingertip. 

However, if you want to check its authenticity, you can observe its domain extension, which has a .gov extension. The website also has an Indian emblem logo which signifies that it’s a government portal.

What is the use of Tafcop?

The main use of Tafcop is to check how many sim cards are issued on a particular name or ID. You can get the details by entering your mobile number and verifying your authenticity by validating OTP.

How can I know how many SIM / mobile numbers are in my name?

Steps to know how many SIM/Mobile numbers are there in your name:

  • Visit the website link https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in.
  • Enter the Mobile Number and click on the “Request OTP” option
  • You will receive an OTP through SMS. You have to enter that 6-digit numeric OTP and click on the validate button.
  • The count of the registered sims will be displayed on the screen, which is still active. 
  • After viewing the details, you can log out from the portal by clicking on the Logout option.

You will also have an option to report if you find any suspicious mobile number that you are not using. For this, you only have to tick mark the suspicious number and click on the Report button.

What is the Tafcop consumer portal?

The term TAF-COP stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection. A portal shows its consumers data about how many sim cards are issued on their name or ID.

It displays all the list of contact numbers as you enter your mobile number on the portal. But, before showing the details, it verifies your identity by sending an OTP to the mobile number you entered.

What is Tafcop DG Telecom gov?

Tafcop DG Telecom gov is an online portal run under the department of telecommunication which displays the list of all sim cards registered on your Aadhar card.

How Many Mobile Numbers is on My Name?

If you want to check how many mobile numbers are registered on your mobile number, you can visit the website of Tafcop consumer. By visiting there, you will need to put your 10-digit mobile number.

Then click on the Request OTP button, then as you enter the OTP to validate it, you will be surprised by the details shown here.

You will have all the information about How many mobile numbers is your name? Remember, according to the government rule, you can only have nine mobile numbers on your name.

How can I know how many sims I have in my name?

  • Visit the website https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/
  • Drop your mobile number
  • Select the “Request OTP” button
  • Enter the OTP and
  • See the details of how many sims are present in your name.

How to Report Suspicious Mobile numbers in Your Name?

Step 1: Go to the website of TAF-COP by clicking on the link https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/. 

TAF Cop portal homepage

Step 2: Enter the mobile number, ask request for OTP 

Step 3: Enter the OTP. click on “validate

TAF cop portal otp

Step 4: On the next display, you will all the list of mobile numbers registered in your name.

TAF cop portal mobile all numbers

Step 5: Just select the suspicious one and

Step 6: Click on the report button.