How To Fix Starfield Operation Starseed Bug

How To Fix Starfield Operation Starseed Bug

Are you encountering several bugs on Starfield’s “Operation Starseed”? Operation Starseed, with its engrossing and engaging gameplay, aims to give a superb experience in the universe of Starfield.

Throughout the operation, the gamers must navigate through several stages, such as decrypting security codes and fighting dangerous aliens and robots in The Facility.

Players’ choices at the end of the mission will influence the prizes and results, which can include important credits, loot, and the chance to enlist Amelia Earhart’s clone as a crew member.

If you are encountering bugs such as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) turning hostile on “Operation Starseed”? This article will help you understand why that may be happening and the steps you can take to fix the issue.

how to fix operation star seed bug on starfield

What Causes Starfield Operation Starseed Bug?

Many users have reported a bug on Starfield’s “Operation Starseed” that the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) or renegades turned hostile.

Although there is no official update from the developers of the game, Bethesda Game Studios, gamers all over the world collectively seem to think this occurs due to the renegade NPCs being concealed somewhere.

As per the game, they should be non-hostile when Genghis dies, but they become hostile instead. Users hope and await an official fix from the developers as soon as possible to discover the rest of the storyline of the amazing game.

how to fix operation star seed bug

How To Fix Starfield Operation Starseed Bug?

If you are facing bugs such as the NPC renegades turning hostile on Starfield’s “Operation Starseed”, there is no official update or solution by the developers of the game, Bethesda Game Studio, to solve the bug.

However, here are some small fixes that several gamers all around the world have shared that may help you fix your issue:

1. Reboot The Game & Resurrect

Try rebooting the game. Then use the console to resurrect all of the nameless renegades or NPCs that died in the fight. This may fix your issue of the NPCs turning hostile.

2. Use Console Command “Kah”

After returning to the settlement and talking to Roosevelt, the Amanirenas, and Ghengis at the truce negotiations, the renegades will turn hostile.

As soon as this happens, immediately open the console and type “kah”. This will kill all hostiles in the area.

While this isn’t ideal or stimulating, it certainly serves the purpose of fixing the issue. This problem happens because one or more renegade NPCs are hidden somewhere. When Ghengis dies, they become non-hostile when they should not.

3. Speak With Amanirenas

Speak with the Amanirenas before speaking to Ada Lovelace about the facility encryption. Amanirenas will provide valuable insight into her vision for the future of The Crucible.

Understanding Amanirenas’ vision allows players to make intelligent choices that benefit The Crucible and its people.

Amanirenas’ vision provides the prospect of a better future in The Crucible, generating confidence and a sense of community among its people.

After speaking with Amanirenas, run to your ship as the Crucible bugs out. This fix has worked for some users.

4. Send Companion To The Ship

Send your companion and tell them to wait at the ship for the final meeting. Then kill the leader specifically you have been targeting in the game.

The game does not bug out if you shoot only the one you intend to and no settlers. This fix has worked for some users.