Starbucks Closing Stores Philadelphia

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Starbucks is closing 16 stores which are in different locations like in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC citing safety concerns and disruptive behavior.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Starbucks said that the company is worried for the safety of its workers, saying that they have been impacted by disruptive conduct by members of the public at some locations.

The main reason for closing stores by Starbucks is customers and other members of the public using drugs in shops, as reported by employees.

After careful consideration, we are closing some stores in locations that have experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate, to open new locations with safer conditions,” a Starbucks spokesperson told Insider.

Also, In the letter, they stated that employees are “seeing firsthand the challenges facing our communities—personal safety, racism, lack of access to healthcare, a growing mental health crisis, rising drug use, and more.

With stores in thousands of communities across the country, we know these challenges can, at times, play out within our stores too.”

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Starbucks Closing Stores Philadelphia

Starbucks is closing only one store in Philadelphia and this is located in 10th & Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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