Does Starbucks Birthday Expire

Do you want to know about your Starbucks birthday reward? What is Starbucks’ Birthday reward? How do you get your birthday reward from Starbucks?

Starbucks is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses, across the world’s 80 countries. It always serves its best and tries to build a healthy connection with its customers. Starbucks uses this by giving rewards on purchases from its participating stores.

There are many rewards, and one of them is a birthday reward. It is the best way to connect with their customers emotionally. 

In this article we will be looking at the Birthday rewards of Starbucks and answer all your questions regarding it.

What Is A Birthday Reward At Starbucks?  

It is a special reward for the people on their birthday, who joined Starbucks. There are some prerequisites to get this reward, which are as follows:-

  • Register on their app or website at least 7 days before your birthday.
  • Provide helpful and essential information regarding your birthday
  • Earn at least one star before your birthday each year 

Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you will be eligible to receive your birthday reward during your birthday month.

This reward offers a set of your complimentary birthday items consisting of:-

  • One complimentary handcrafted beverage in any size with two free customized types each free drink and,
  • One complimentary slice of cake item.

Does Starbucks Birthday Reward Expire?

Yes, Birthday rewards also expire like other rewards. Each reward has a fixed period to use after which the reward expires.

Your birthday reward will be automatically upgraded to your registered account and will be available for one day only. 

You must present any of your registered Starbucks cards or mobile app accounts to the barista at a participating Starbucks store to receive your complimentary item.

You should redeem the whole set of birthday items at the same time otherwise the remaining items will lapse. 

You can view and track your available rewards on the Starbucks website.

Does Starbucks Birthday Reward Expire On The Same Day?

Yes, the Starbucks Birthday reward expires on the same day for most of the places. But the validity of rewards varies around the globe like, in Thailand, It is available for 30 days in your birthday month. So make a check according to your native place.

You will receive a reminder mail from Starbucks side regarding your birthday reward availability. You can use the reward in this period.

You get a set of customized complimentary items for free on your birthday. You can check to see if your birthday reward is available by accessing your account at or in the app.

Still need help, you can contact Starbucks customer service.

How To Know When Starbucks Stars Expire?

You earn stars every time you buy food or drink, and you can then redeem these stars in Starbucks stores using your Starbucks card or the app to get free food or drink.

You can check your star expiration dates by logging into your Starbucks rewards account through the app.

Open the Starbucks app >> Go to Starbucks Rewards >> Check your Stars/ Rewards.  

When redeeming stars, they will automatically use the rewards closest to expiring.