Spotify Iceberg Chart Generator


Icebergify is an open source tool that generates a “iceberg” type chart of your Spotify favorite artists.

Icebergify, developed by computer science student Akshay Raj, is based on the idea of building a “iceberg” that ranks your most often listened to artists, with your favorites at the top and the more obscure ones at the bottom.

As Icebergify adopting lot of traffic and peoples taking interest in generating “iceberg” type chart of their Spotify favorite artists.

By gathering data from your top 50 listened to artists in both your short-term and long-term listening habits, the app organizes and produces a “iceberg.” 

It organizes them by popularity, placing them at the top or bottom depending on how often you listen to that specific musician. 

Popular musicians are shown at the top, while lesser-known artists are displayed at the bottom.

In this article, we will discuss how to generate Spotify Iceberg Chart.

How To Generate Spotify Iceberg Chart?

Steps to Generate Spotify Iceberg Chart:

Step 1: Go to Website.

Step 2: Now, Tap on “Create Yours“.

Step 3: Enter your Spotify Credential to login into Website

Step 4: tap on “Agree

Step 5: Now, Based on your listening habits, an own iceberg chart will appear. Save the photo and share it on social media.

iceberg chart generator sc

Note: If you are not getting your Spotify iceberg chart then check below one:


To Generate Spotify Iceberg Chart, you have to login on Website with your Spotify account credentials.

After login into Website with your Spotify account credentials, your Spotify Iceberg chart will be generated. Save that image and share on social media.