How To Sell Meesho Products On Amazon?

How to sell meesho product on amazon

Meesho is one of India’s most popular social commerce platforms. Meesho has been joined by millions of people. It is a well-known shopping and reselling website. Meesho is favored by individuals who wish to supplement their income while remaining at home.

As we know, Meesho is a popular reselling app. You can even resell Meesho’s products on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform. As an Amazon seller, you can easily sell Meesho’s products Meesho by following some simple steps. 

How To Sell Meesho Products On Amazon?

Steps to Sell Meesho Products on Amazon:

  1. Install the App

Go to your phone’s app store and search for the Meesho app. The Meesho Icon should be tapped.

  1. Copy the following product details

You have to pick the product’s information. All of the details about the item you want to sell on Amazon will be listed in the product specs. So, from the menu, pick “Copy.” The specifics of the situation will be copied. 

  1. Click on Download

To save the product details to your phone, select “Download” from the drop-down menu. As a result, the product’s specifications are downloaded.

  1. Install the Amazon Seller App

Look for the Amazon Seller App on your device. To open the app, simply tap it. If this App is not already installed on your phone, you will need to do it individually. As a result, you can only sell on Amazon Seller if the App is installed and you have your registered account. 

  1. You should select “Add product” 

From the drop-down menu, choose “Add Product.” So, there you’ll put the product info.

  1. Look for the product 

Look through the product information you’ve copied. The Amazon Seller App allows you to add the information.

  1. Make a new listing 

Create a new listing if you are unable to locate your product. So that you can list the product there. 

  1. Choose a Category

Select the product’s category. So, in case you are selling a baby’s cloth then you have to choose a category for a baby product. As a result, you can select your product’s category from the list.

  1. Select the type of product

The product type must be chosen. You’ll be able to select from a variety of possibilities. So choose a type from the drop-down menu and proceed to the next stage.

  1. Choose a Gender

You have the option to choose your gender here. You have the option of having a baby boy or a baby girl.

  1. Select a category to begin

This is where you’ll pick a category. You can choose a product section. As a result, we’ve decided on garments as our category. You have the option of selecting the product’s type.

  1. Click on “Next” 

To finish the steps to create a new listing, tap “Next,” which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  1. Insert a product image

You will get a block with the ‘Upload Image’ tag. Here’s where you’ll put your product’s photos. So, you have the option of adding a product photo or uploading a file.

  1. Choose the following files

Select “Files” to upload a product image. So, you’ll be enabled to see all the product specifications right here. Choose an item. You have the option of taking a fresh photo of the product or adding an existing image with the details.

  1. Choose a product

Choose an image for your product. As a result, you can view the file size as well as the actual image of the goods. Now it’s time to add the picture. In a nutshell, you examine the product’s specifications and then upload it on Amazon.

  1. Follow by selecting “Next” 

Select “Next” as an option. As a result, the image is put on the screen, and you can view the image’s details on it.

  1. Information should be updated

The product’s description should be updated. As a result, the information includes the vendor, the maximum retail price, and so on.

  1. Lastly Choose “Next” 

Similarly, tap the “Next” button to move forward. Additionally, Amazon Seller allows you to view product details. Your item has been added to Amazon Seller App, and you may now sell it.

How To Sell Meesho Products On Instagram? 

Like other Social Media platforms, you can also resell Meesho products on Instagram. Instagram Posts and Stories allow you to sell merchandise and products directly. 

Simply tagging items and products in your Instagram photos will direct your followers to your product pages. There they can buy gear and products right away.

You can also create a business account and an online shopping page. There you can list the product’s images from Meesho. And you can mention the product details in the captions.

As a result, customers will visit your page and if they like, they will buy. You can also undertake various advertising strategies for your page so that you can get many visitors. You can collaborate with influencers to grab audience attention. 


Meesho is a very preferable option for all the homemakers, students, etc who wanted to have some extra money by being at home. It provides you with lots of options to earn money at ease.