How To Save Google Doc To IPhone

save google doc iphone

Google Drive is an extremely helpful program that provides cloud storage options.

You can share, save, and sync any form of data, including photos, across many devices running different operating systems with Google Drive.

You may want to download images from Google Drive to your iPhone at times but are unsure how to do it effectively.

DOCs application is among the popular and useful document creation tools.

You can simply access and organize your papers anywhere if you have an iPhone or iPad.

Though most document files are in the standard format, Google Docs allows you to convert them to PDF. 

You can save a report, business proposal, resume, and letters as soon as you finish it.

It is also useful in the sense that a PDF file’s content cannot be easily edited.

If you are wondering how you can save Google doc to iPhone, this article can be help you with it.

Itis useful in the sense that a PDF file’s content cannot be easily edited.

As a result, this post will go through how you can save Google Docs in PDF format on your iPad and iPhone in detail. 

You can use your iPhone to save and make changes in your Google Docs through Google Drive.

This blog will provide you with information on various aspects of Google Docs on iPhones. 

How To Save Google Doc To IPhone?

Step 1: Open The Google Drive App

Unlock your iPhone and find the Google Drive application.

Tap on it to open.

You will find all your Google Docs here.

Step 2: Find The File 

Search for the file you need to download and choose the More option for that file.

Click on menu with three dots near your file to do so. 

Step 3: Download The File

Choose the option Download to get this file on your phone.

Step 4: Saving The File

After downloading the file, open it and hover to the option Open in followed by save in files folder.

Here, the phone will ask you to specify the location to which your file will be saved.

Choose the location and click on the Save button.

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How To Save Multiple Images From Google Drive To IPhone?

Step 1: Open Google Drive On The Files App

If you wish to access any files stored in Google Drive, you must first enable Google Drive in the Files App.

This can be done by opening the Files app and tapping the browse button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Enable Google Drive

Tap the “Options” button in the upper right corner of the screen, then “Edit” from the drop-down menu.

Toggle on Google Drive.

Step 3: Select The Images That Have To Be Downloaded

In the Files app, tap on Google Drive to download photos.

Then, from the top right corner of the screen, tap the “Options” button.

Check the boxes in front of the images to select the photos you want to download.

Step 4: Saving Images

When you’re finished, go to the bottom left corner of the screen and hit the share button.

Then press the “Save Image” button.

Google Drive will now sync all of the selected photos to your iPhone.

Using the Files app, you can download images from Google Drive to your iPhone.

The Files App on Apple allows users to access Google Drive settings.

You can practically access any files stored on numerous cloud storage places, such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and iOS device storage, using the Files app.

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How To Save Google Doc As Pdf On IPhone?

METHOD 1: Using The “Share And Export” Option

Step 1: Install Google Docs

If you already do not have Google Docs application on the iPhone, launch it.

Sign in using the Gmail account. 

Step 2: Select The Document

Select the document that you want to convert.

You can also create a new document by clicking on the + icon. 

Step 3: Explore The Options Button

Go to the three-dots menu on the right in the top of your screen after opening the document.

A drop-down will appear with various options. 

Step 4: Share And Export 

Hover to “share and export tab and.

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You will then have to click on the option to send the copy.

Your screen will have some options asking you the format you wish to 

Step 5: Select PDF

hover to thePDF option and click the OK option. 

Step 6: Save The File As A PDF

There will be options on your screen through which you can either share it if you want to send the file to someone else or you can also save the file on your system using the option to save in files folder.

METHOD 2: Via Print Option

Step 1: Start Google Docs

Select Google Docs and open it. 

Step 2: Open A Document

Tap on an existing document or hover to the + icon to open a new document.

Step 3: Open Options

Select the menu by tapping on menu with three dots present on the right top of the screen to get the options for the document.

A drop-down menu will appear on the screen. 

Step 4: Select “Share And Export” 

hover to theshare and export option from the drop-down menu and then choose the Print option to launch the printing options.

Step 5: Specifications Of Print Option

You will now have to zoom-in the preview and then the doc file will be converted into the pdf format.

Step 6: Save The File

Click on symbol from “Share” or save the document by choosing the option named save to file on the iPhone. 

How To Download All Photos From Google Drive To IPhone?

Step 1: Open Google Drive

Unlock your iPhone and open the Google Drive app.

Step 2: Hover To The More Option

Select menu with three dots on the image that you want to download.

You can also select all the photos and then select the more option.

Step 3: Save The Image

Click on the option Send a Copy and then hover to the Save image option to download it on the iPhone. 

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How To Save Photos In Google Drive From IPhone?

Step 1: Open The Google Drive App

Install and open the Google Drive application on the iPhone. 

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Step 2: Uploading Images

hover to the plus sign to add photos and then choose the option Upload.

Find and select all the files that have to upload to your Google Drive from your iPhone. 

How To Save Google Doc To ICloud Drive On IPhone?

Step 1: Open The File

Select and open the file that you need to save.

A menu will three dots will appear.

You need to hover to the menu. 

Step 2: Saving The File

Choose the option “Open in” in the More menu, followed by the “save in files folder” option. 

Step 3: Saving The File In ICloud Drive

Choose “iCloud Drive” and a folder (or create a new one) in which to save the file.

To save a copy of the file to iCloud Drive, tap Save in the top-right corner.

Can’t Download Video From Google Drive To IPhone

Step 1: Open The Application Google Drive

In order to download a video from your Google Drive, open the application and select the file that you are downloading on the system.

Step 2: Saving The File

Hover to the More menu by clicking on menu with three dots beside the file. hover to theoption to send the copy and then select the option “Save video.”

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In order to save files from your Google Drive to your iPhone or upload them on Google Drive, you need to follow the procedure given above.

Google Drive is an important application that is linked to the Gmail account and can save all of your files easily. 

These files can be retrieved or changed at your convenience.

You can share, save, edit and change these files to the PDF format also.

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