Why Does Roblox Tag?

why does Roblox tag

One of the best features of Roblox is its interactivity. Interacting with other gamers and chatting with them is fun and a great way of bonding with people with similar interests as you.

Roblox’s strong security features have been put in place to flag any sort of harassment or bullying happening via chats.

It tags any sort of offensive language used on the platform to harass or bully an underage player. Let’s know more about Roblox tags. 

Why Does Roblox Tag?

Roblox does its best to protect its underage members (under the age of 13) from abusive language and vulgarity in chats by tagging the offensive words in the chat box.

They simply replace the offensive words with multiple hashtags (###), in order to prevent any sort of adult content from reaching its young users. Roblox tags are in accordance with Roblox’s online safety and security agenda. 

How To Turn Off Tags On Roblox?

Any Roblox user under the age of 13 won’t be able to turn off tags on Roblox. The tags will be automatically removed once Roblox detects that a user is 13 or over the age of 13.

You can opt to turn on “Safe Chat” on Roblox to protect yourself from abusive and derogatory content on Roblox. 

Why Do Roblox Tag Numbers?

Numbers are often used to substitute letters and forward abusive or adult content to underage users on Roblox.

As this can be an easy way to steer clear of Roblox’s safety features, thus Roblox tags numbers to ensure full protection for the users who are under the age of 13. 

Why Does Roblox Tag UwU?

UwU isn’t banned on Roblox. The expression UwU represents a cute face and is associated with happiness, positivity, and flirtation in the gaming community.

As long as you are using the expression in the correct context, Roblox won’t tag UwU in the chat messages.

UwU and OwO are both representatives of the happy and cute faces in chats and aren’t tagged as long as they aren’t used maliciously to target an underaged user. 

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Why Does Roblox Tag Discord?

Discord is a 13+ app, and as Roblox is a community that allows underaged players too, it prevents the mention of apps that have an adult audience.

Furthermore, they don’t want older gamers to ask underage gamers for their discord and influence young minds.

Thus, if any chat message has the word discord in it, it will be flagged as an abusive word. 

Why Does Roblox Tag Innocent Words?

Roblox is very serious about its anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies, and thus any words that might replace abusive words, directed towards underaged users on the platform are tagged.

If Roblox detects any sort of code language via seemingly innocent words being used to bully another user online, it automatically tags the word to ensure full online protection if users are under the age of 13. 

Why Does Roblox Tag I Can’t?

Roblox doesn’t tag “I can’t” until and unless those words are preceded or succeeded by any sort of abusive language.

Roblox takes the safety and security of its underage player community very seriously and leaves no stones unturned when it comes to protecting them from adult content and derogatory language. 

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Will Roblox Remove Tags?

No, it won’t remove tags for users under the age of 13. It will automatically remove tags once it detects that the user is 13 or older.

You can then resort to using the “Safe Chat” option to shield yourself from mean comments, derogatory content, and abusive language. 

How To Chat Without Tags On Roblox?

You can chat with an underage user without tags on Roblox by simply using respectful, age-appropriate language.

If you want to stop seeing tags as someone who isn’t an underage player on Roblox-

Step 1: Access your Roblox account with the correct ID and Password. 

Step 2: Look for the “Menu” option at the top of the page that appears. Tap on the “My Roblox” under the menu option, and then tap on the “Account” option.

Step 3: On the Account page, look for the “Chat Setting” option. Select “All Users”, “Best Friends” or “Friends” according to which users you would want to interact on chat messages with. 

Step 4: Tap on the “Update” option to apply your new Safe Chat settings. 

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Tags on Roblox go a long way in ensuring the safety of the innocent underage players on the platform.

It’s a big step towards restricting serious issues like online bullying which can have serious consequences and effects on a child’s mind.