RIF Is Fun For Reddit 403 Forbidden Error

RIF Is Fun For Reddit is an inbuilt interface for reddit.com.

On RIF you get the Reddit front page on which you get hot, new, top topics to read, save, share and comment on.

Different problems are discussed and solved on Reddit, You get different user views on the same topic.

You can search for the subreddit name and select the community you are interested in

On RIF you can log in and search posts as well as manage Reddit accounts.

As many peoples are getting 403 forbidden error on RIF is Fun.

In this article, we discuss RIF Is Fun For Reddit Error Forbidden; why this error occurred and how to fix it.

Why Error Forbidden Occurred On RIF Is Fun?

RIF is fun for Reddit error is forbidden to occur when you have not logged in to RIF.

Reddit’s API status site shows some of its CDN servers are down for maintenance, right now, so that could be the reason for the sudden issue.

Otherwise, you can follow the steps in the Account FAQ for removing your account, revoking the OAuth token, and reauthorizing RIF.

RIF error restricts users from posting any subreddit. The error may have occurred due to an API change.

How To Fix “Error Forbidden” On RIF Is Fun For Reddit?

To Fix “Error Forbidden” On RIF Is Fun, Wait for sometime till issue is fixed by Reddit team.

Apart from that you can try below fixes also:

  • First, try to login into your RIF account using your credentials. It may solve your problem.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall RIF Is Fun For Reddit.
  • Using the previous version of RIF is Fun it will work without login.
  • Clear Cache on Reddit is a fun app. To clear your cache Go to settings >> Apps >> RIF >> Clear Cache.
  • Switch Internet Connections.