How To Report Someone On Cash App?

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With the increase in digital payments, threats and scams have also increased, and Cash App is no different.

In multiple instances on the application, users have reported multiple scams, wrong payments, or attempts to scam.

No matter how good the application is, threats can be anywhere.

Therefore, to save yourself from such payment scams, you can report the account on the application which you think does malicious activities.

Also, if there has been some scam payment, you can choose to report that as well.

How To Report Someone On Cash App?

Steps To Report Someone On Cash App:

Step 1: Open Cash App

First, you will have to look for the cash app and then open the application.

Step 2: Choose Profile Option

On your application window, you will have to click on the avatar of your character. Your profile will then open up.

Step 3: Look For The Account

Under this, you will have to type the phone number, email, name, or the cashtag. The profile will now appear on the screen.

Step 4: Choose Block

When the profile appears on the screen, you will have to choose the Block or report option.

Step 5: Follow On-Screen Prompts

Now, to submit the report regarding the concerned account, you will have to follow all the on-screen prompts appearing on the screen.

How To Contact Cash App Support Team?

In case you are not able to report the concerned user via your application, you can also contact the support team.

For this, visit

Here, you can explain your issue to the support team and wait for their revert.

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While making payments via any digital payment method, it is a must to be aware of whom you are sending.

Make sure that you only transfer money to a person whom you trust.

However, if you notice any scam payments, you can report them to the support team.

The team will look into the matter and the concerned account.