How To Recover Deleted OnlyFans Messages

How To Recover Deleted OnlyFans Messages

OnlyFans is a platform that lets the creators share adult content with their fans.

You can subscribe to the creator’s account there to see their posts and videos.

In OnlyFans you can also send direct messages to your fans and vice versa.

However, you might be troubled over the issue of your deleted message that you want to recover again.

Maybe those messages were deleted by mistake and now you want them back.

Here, you will get to learn everything you need to know about recovering your deleted Onlyfans messages.

How To Recover Deleted OnlyFans Messages?

You can not recover the messages that you have already deleted in OnlyFans, So be very careful before you delete your messages.

When you delete your account all your content along with the messages will get deleted and you will not be able to recover anything.

If you do want to delete your messages it is better that you take screenshots of them if they are important.

This way you will be able to save them even when your account gets deleted. 

Do Messages Disappear On OnlyFans?

Messages in OnlyFans do not disappear until and unless you have deleted your account.

It does not contain any feature similar to Snapchat that allows the messages to disappear after a certain length of time.

If your chat with a user gets deleted then it means that they have deleted their account and that is why the chat is disappearing.

After you delete your account your messages will get deleted by themselves after lingering for a few days.

When you delete your OnlyFans account, your subscriptions, messages and content, everything will get deleted.

Thus, you should be cautious about it but if you absolutely have to delete your messages permanently from your OnlyFans account then you can delete your account.

To delete your account of OnlyFans you will have to follow these steps and your account will get deleted within 30 days. 

Step 1: Login to your OnlyFans account.

Step 2: Go to the Settings tab from your account.

Step 3: Navigate to Delete account and tap on it.

Step 4: You will have to press Confirm in Delete Account to delete your account permanently.

Note: If you do not want to delete your account or you have mistakenly deleted your account then, you can always contact the support team of OnlyFans to rectify the issue by communicating with them.