How To Fix OnlyFans Keep Me Logging Out

How To Fix OnlyFans Keep Me Logging Out

The OnlyFans is an online platform that helps creators such as YouTubers, Models, Fitness trainers, and celebrities create and monetize their content.

People will pay a monthly subscription to access the Video content in the OnlyFans.

If you are already an OnlyFans user, you might encounter an issue that your OnlyFans account keep you logging out.

Don’t worry; we have a solution to fix the issue.

This article will explain how to keep your account logged in and help you understand the reason behind it.

Stick to the end! 

Why Do OnlyFans Keeps Me Logging Out?

Onlyfanskeeps me login Error

Violating the OnlyFans policies, changes in the Cookies setting and your privacy setting can keep you signing out from your OnlyFans account.

Here are the few causes that stop you from entering into the OnlyFans

  • If you have not enabled the cookies setting for OnlyFans, you will be logged out every time you close the Browser.
  • It would help if you were above 18 to access the account. Otherwise, you violate the policy against OnlyFans, and you will be signed out automatically.
  • As a Creator, you should earn subscribers within the limited period allotted by Onlyfans. Otherwise, your account will be flagged, and you will be logged out automatically,
  • Switching your account regularly will lead you to the logging-out issue.
  • You may not enable the Keep me logged in or remember me option while logging in. 
  • If you use the Browser, the extensions or privacy settings may block you from logging in.
  • There is an issue with the OnlyFans’ account.

Above are the possible reasons why my OnlyFans account keeps me logging out.

Let’s see the simple guide to fix the error.

How To Fix OnlyFans Keeps Me Logging Out?

As an OnlyFans user, you should be in the age group of above 18. Under other conditions, you will be flagged, and your account will be logged out. 

As a creator of Onlyfans, you should earn the subscription within a limited period. If not, you will face unnecessary issues like account suspension or frequent logging out from Onlyfans.

First, you need to double-check with other Onlyfans users and community members whether they are also facing the same issue.

Your new account may be restricted or closed if you had a previous account on OnlyFans with a violation. Since some of the detail, such as device id, username or email addresses might matches with the old one.

Onlyfanskeeps me login server status

Also, check the Onlyfans server status; any issues or standard errors with Onlyfans will be reported here. 

The reason varies depending on the Application and mobile.

Let’s see the fixes one by one.

1. Check Your Login As Account Is Active

You might have logged in with your Instagram or Gmail ID. If you have an issue with account related to this login id, it will also reflect on your onlyfans account.

First, check the active status of your Gmail account or other social media account  used to log in to your Onlyfans account. 

If you find any issues with your login ID, create a new account or contact respective customer support to explain your problem briefly.

2. Enable Keep Me Logged In Option

When you log into your account, don’t forget to enable the check box stating “Keep me logged in “or “Remember me” option under the login button.

The user and password will be saved by enabling the option, and you don’t need to enter the credential details when logging in.

3. Disable Extensions Or Switch Your Browser

Some extensions might keep you logging out from Onlyfans account due to some privacy and security fixes.

So disable the extensions individually and try logging in with your account. Check the next two days whether the Onlyfans keeps logging out.

Using a global Browser like chrome other than private browsers will eliminate Unnecessary headaches in account management because private browsers shield up many options automatically.

4. Issue With Your Credentials

You might have changed the credential details recently, and the account in the other device logged out automatically.

Manually entering the changed credentials details will help you log in to your account smoothly and keep logged in without any error. 

If you don’t remember the password, then change your password using the Reset password option.

Now you will see the issue is wiped out, and your account works fine.

5. Enable The Cookies For The Onlyfans Website

You must enable cookies and other site data for Onlyfans websites.

Otherwise, you will be logged out every time right after the Browser is closed.

Cookies will be enabled automatically in the most of the Browsers,

However, you need to add the link manually, if you face the log out error.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to settings >> Click on privacy and Security >> Click on Cookies and other site data >> Click on Add button>> copy and paste the link ““>> Tab on Add.

Now login to your OnlyFans account. The account works fine if the issue is with Cookies.

Ensure you have checked the “Remember me” or “Keep me logged in” option while new login.

6. You Might Have Updated Your Application

Updating the Application will fix any issues inside the Onlyfans account. Also, they will keep your log out automatically due to significant changes in your Onlyfans core file.

If you logged out right after the update, don’t worry; log in again. You won’t see any more errors in the future. 

7. Keep Changing Your Password

If you last changed your login credentials details a long time ago, then the Application itself logged you out.

In this case, you must create a new password to enter Onlyfans.

To avoid these scenarios, keep changing your password every two months instead of keeping the constant credential data for a long time.

8. Clear The Cache Memory Of Your Application And Browser

In mobile, if the Onlyfans app cache memory is complete, the device doesn’t have space to perform further action.

Clear the cache memory and try using your account.

To clear cache memory on mobile:

  • Go to settings>> Click on Apps>> Tab on All apps >> Locate and find OnlyFans >>Go to storage >> click on clear cache.

Likewise, if you give a request in the Browser, it will call the cache memory first. It will retrieve the old data if it finds any.

To clear cache memory on the Browser:

  • Press ctrl+h from your keyboard >> Click on Clear your browsing data >> Check Clear Cache and Image files >> Tab on Clear data button.

For example, if you log in with new credentials, you will surprisingly get an error message to check your username and password. The message occurs when the login requests the old credential details in the cache memory instead of communicating with the central server.

Clearing cache memory will help you to remove the corrupted files and process the request directly from the central server.

If the error occurs even after following the above troubleshoots, you need to contact Onlyfans customer support for further assistance.

With the above knowledge, I hope you have finally eliminated the Onlyfans keeps me logging out error. 

Now you can access your account without any troubles.

If you have any queries or suggestions, leave your comments below. Happy reading.