How To Read Robinhood Monthly Statements?

How to read robinhood monthy statement

Robinhood is an impeccable platform to trade in cryptos and stocks. The platform is super easy to use and provides all the required facilities to its users. Now, given that the platform does not have customer support to help its customers via phone. 

However, it stays one step ahead and manages to provide its customers with all the required details and information so that they don’t even need to contact customer support. One of these facilities includes Robinhood monthly account statements.

Like any other account statement, it provides its customers with information about the financial activities of the customer on the platform in the given time frame.

The account statement plays a key role in acquiring all the key information about your account as well, such as account information, account title, account type, portfolio details, etc.

What Is A Robinhood Account Statement?

An account statement refers to the periodic summary of your account activity between the given beginning and ending dates. Robinhood account statements are sent via email to update its customers about all the important account information and documents. 

The account statements also help you stay updated with important account information such as dividend payments or value changes in your portfolio. It is sent to you every month.

Does Robinhood Send Paper Statements?

Yes, Robinhood does send paper statements at a convenience charge of $5 per month. You can request Robinhood to send you paper statements or hard copies of your purchase statement in the mail.

How To Read Robinhood Monthly Statements?

You can view and read your Robinhood monthly account statements directly via the app using the following steps:

  1. Launch the Robinhood app on your device.
  2. Click on the “Accounts” icon present in the bottom right cornflower of your screen.
  3. Select “Statements & History.”
  4. Click on “Account Statements.

And a list of all your monthly account statements will be displayed. Select the one you wish to view from the list, and it will open for you in pdf format.

How To Download Robinhood Monthly Statements?

Use the following steps to download your Robinhood monthly statements:

  1. Launch the Robinhood app on your device → Accounts → Statements and History → Account Statement.
  2. Select the monthly account statement you wish to download from the list. The statement will open in pdf format.
  3. Tap on the “export” icon present in the top right corner of the account statement. It will present you with options to either send the file to someone or download it on your phone.
  4. Tap on the download icon.

And the selected Robinhood monthly account statement will be downloaded.

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Does Robinhood Mail Monthly Statements?

Yes, Robinhood mails your monthly statement. If you are not able to get it via email, you can also download the monthly statement from the Robinhood application.

If you wish to get the monthly statement on your email, you need to ensure that you have updated your email ID in your account information.

When Are Robinhood Monthly Statements Available?

Robinhood is obligatory to send you updates whenever your monthly account statement is ready for view. So, you will be notified whenever your Robinhood monthly statements are available.

How To Download Robinhood Crypto Monthly Statement?

If you wish to see your Crypto history on Robinhood, you can hover to the detail page. Here, you will find all the details about the transactions that you have made in history.

You will be able to see the cryptos that you have bought and sold in a month. Other than that, downloading your Robinhood crypto statement is not possible but you can view the transactions.

Why Is Robinhood Asking For A Bank Statement?

Robinhood asks for your bank details, like bank statements, as it allows the platform to easily and quickly verify your ownership to the bank account. Plus, it also helps the platform keep track of your profits as it has to report to the IRS when you earn significant gains.

What Is My Account Title On Robinhood?

To find out your Robinhood account title, follow the above steps to open your Robinhood account statement. The account title can be seen at the top with your details. The account title will consist of your name and some other letters or words.

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How Do I Know My Account Type In Robinhood?

Robinhood has three types of brokerage accounts for its customers:

By default, when a customer creates an account on Robinhood, the account type is Robinhood instant account. To get a Robinhood Gold account, you need to buy the membership. Whereas you would need to make some deposits for Robinhood Cash Account.

To check your account type on Robinhood, you can again use the above steps to open a recent copy of your Robinhood monthly account statement and check your account type details in it.

Why Is Robinhood Sending Me Statements?

The simple answer for this is to keep its users updated. Robinhood sends its customers all the important information every month to keep all its customer updated with the account status, details, and more.

This also includes the monthly account statements so that you can understand the flow of money in your account.


Robinhood sends monthly account statements to its customers every month via email. It also updates them whenever the account statement is ready for them to view.

You can also subscribe to get a hard copy of your account statement via mail by paying a $5 convenience fee. 

The steps to view your account statement on your app directly are quite simple. You can also find out your account information, account title, account type, and other details on your account statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Robinhood Sending Me Statements?

Robinhood sends you your account statement to keep you updated about all the information and details of your Robinhood account. It even sends you updates when your account statement is ready to view.

Does Robinhood Mail Monthly Statements?

Robinhood sends you your monthly statements via email. Moreover, you can also avail of the hard copies at the charge of $5 per month via mail.