Locked Out Of Robinhood Account: How To Unlock It?

Unlock Robinhood Account

Have you locked out of your Robinhood Account and you don’t know the reason behind it or you are stuck with how to unlock your locked Account? 

There are times when Robinhood locks your account if you, knowingly or unknowingly, breach its guidelines; this could happen for various reasons.

Suppose, your account shows any kind of transfer reversals or any of your documents is outdated, or you fail to fulfill certain requirements. However, here are a few things mentioned Which can help you further.

Locked Out Of Robinhood Account 

Locked out of Robinhood Account simply refers to the fact that you become unable to perform/do any activity using your Robinhood Account. Even if you try to log in, the page automatically redirects you to the login page as the account from logging in. Such instances turn their heads up when your account balance is not enough or when any unusual activity is seen in your account.

Why Robinhood Locked My Account ?

The major reasons for which Robinhood can lock your account are mentioned below: 

  • Any uncertain activity in your accounts like multiple transfers or shortage of enough cash in your account can lead to the lock of your Robinhood Account.
  • It can also be done if they’re some sort of manipulation detected in your Robinhood Account.

Other major reasons are mentioned below:

1. Possibilities Of Fraudulent

If the Robinhood team will detect any kind of criminal deception or Fraudulent in your activities or your account, they will immediately lock or take down your account. 

2. In Case You Provide Wrong Information

If any of the information or details provided by you turn out to be wrong or baseless, the Robinhood team will feel that you are not an appropriate person, and you will be locked out of your account.

3. Account Imposes

If the Robinhood team will find any kind of Account imposed or levies on your account, you will be directly logged out of your Robinhood Account without any single thought.

4. If There Are Any Transfer Reversals

In case the Robinhood team will find any transfer Reversals in your Robin Account, they will lock you in for further inquiries.

How To Unlock Robinhood Account?

To unlock your restricted Robinhood Account, you simply have to connect with the Robinhood team with your issue, the team will resolve that as soon as possible.

For this, you have to follow some simple steps: 

1. Drop Your Complaint With The Robinhood Team

At the time you get to know that your Robinhood Account has been locked, immediately connect with the Robinhood team through the Robinhood app. 

2. The Email Contain The Entire Information

While you are preparing a mail or message for the Robinhood Team related to your locked- account, make sure that it contains all the authentic information.

3. Provided Appropriate Documents For Verification

After the submission of your request with the Robinhood Team, if you get any mail for the document verification, kindly provide all the verified documents to get your account unlocked.

What Do You Do When You Are Locked Out Of Robinhood?

You’re locked out of your account means you won’t be able to access anything using your account. You’ll be restricted for a certain specific period.

And when you are locked out of your account, you have directly connected with the Customer care team of Robinhood to fix the issue.

Furthermore, to avoid such situations, maintain a fixed minimum balance required in your Robinhood account.

Can You Get Locked Out Of Robinhood?

Yes, you can get locked out of your Robinhood Account if they detect any inconvenience in your account or you break any Account-operation guidelines or if you fail to cope with the policy of Robinhood.

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How Long Does Robinhood Lock Your Account?

If Robinhood detects something not fair in your account and locks it or restricts it to take any further action, the lock will remain for a long time; for 90 days.

And within this period, you can’t do anything using your Robinhood Account. This can be taken for a further course of action if you fail to provide substantial proof in your favor.

How Long Does Robinhood Take To Unlock Your Account?

Although there’s no such special time frame mentioned between which Robinhood will unlock your account. But the unlock procedure will depend upon the reason for which your account is locked.

If the reason is minor, your Robinhood Account will be unlocked soon. In case, the reason is very composite, it will take longer to unlock your account. This is why you are always said to maintain a balance of $25,000 to avoid such actions.

Wrapping Up

In the end, better for you to take care of not doing anything against the Robinhood guidelines to not face such restrictions in your account.

You are also suggested to go through the Robinhood guidelines carefully once; these things are explained there in detail.