Qtcinderella AI Video: A Deepfake Scandal On Twitch And Reddit

Qtcinderella AI Video: A Deepfake Scandal on Twitch and Reddit

Qtcinderella is a popular Twitch streamer known for her work in the gaming community.

However, she has recently become a victim of a cruel and exploitative act involving deepfake technology.

In this article, we will discuss the leaked AI video of Qtcinderella and the impact this has had on her life.

What Is Deepfake Technology?

Deepfake technology uses machine learning algorithms to manipulate videos and images.

The technology has been used for various purposes, including entertainment and art.

However, it has also been used for malicious purposes, such as creating fake explicit content of individuals.

The Leaked AI Videos Of Qtcinderella

Qtcinderella AI Video

Qtcinderella and her team members, including popular streamers Pokimane, Maya Higa, and Sweet Anita, have been victims of fake explicit videos that were uploaded on a Deepfake 18+ website.

These AI videos were then shared on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and other websites that contain mature content.

This was a traumatic experience for Qtcinderella, and she has expressed her intention to sue the person responsible for the exploitation.

The Spread Of Qtcinderella’s Explicit Videos On Reddit

Unfortunately, the explicit videos of Qtcinderella and her colleagues were also leaked on Reddit and websites those shares 18+ content.

Twitch streamer Atrioc was caught using the videos, and the situation went viral on social media like on TikTok and Reddit.

Atrioc later apologized for his mistake, but Qtcinderella expressed the pain and harassment she has faced as a result of the exploitation.

Qtcinderella’s Response To The Leaded Video

With tears in her eyes, Qtcinderella went live on her Twitch account to address her fans and condemn Atrioc’s actions.

She stated her intention to sue the owner of the website that hosted the non-consensual pornographic content and promised to not back down until justice is served.

Qtcinderella also shared the harassment she has faced, including receiving explicit photographs and videos from her fans.


The exploitation of Qtcinderella and other Twitch streamers highlights the dangers of deepfake technology.

It is crucial that we address the issue of non-consensual explicit content and support individuals who have been affected by this type of exploitation.

We hope that Qtcinderella’s bravery in speaking out will raise awareness and inspire others to take action against deepfake technology.