5 Best NewPipe Alternatives

Youtube app

Youtube is a very well-known platform for watching videos. For the majority of peoples, having the Youtube app on their phone is vital.

But the Ads are much annoying on YouTube app. If you want to remove Ads in Youtube videos then you have to pay for YouTube premium.

Instead of paying for YouTube premium, You may also use NewPipe, a well-liked and free Youtube client. 

The goal of NewPipe is to provide the authentic YouTube experience on your smartphone without intrusive adverts and suspicious permissions.

But, Sometime NewPipe not work. So, People looks for NewPipe Alternative.

So, in this article we will discuss NewPipe Alternatives.

5 Best NewPipe Alternatives

1. VueTube

VueTube is made with the aim of providing to the Internet a free, opensource and complete cross-platform alternative to Big Tech, with highly customizable options and login avaiable.

The project was growing, attracting thousands of users and contributors all around the world.

You can join us and contribute to this project in any kind of way.

Features of VueTube:

  • Themes: Light, dark, OLED and all the colors of the rainbow! Set the accent and background color according to your preferences.
  • Customizable UI: Customize buttons, corners and disable parts of the UI that you don’t use to get an optimal experience.
  • Auto updates: Be notified when an update is available, download through the app and downgrade if you don’t like it!
  • Tracking protection: No telemetry data is sent from your device by default and we don’t use external APIs. Privacy is neccesary!
  • Custom video player: There is a player integrated in the application with everything you need to be happy, such as 16x speed.
  • Translations: App is available in more than 25 languages! Default language is determined according to your device configuration.
  • Return YouTube Dislike – Enable dislike counters in videos again.
  • SponsorBlock – Skip automatically sponsors and annoying segments in videos.


2. SkyTube

SkyTube is an alternative, free, open-source YouTube application for Android.

It allows you to use YouTube comfortably without the need for Google/YouTube account and hence this app only offers read-only access to YouTube.

Features of SkyTube:

  • Video Blocker: Block Unwanted Videos
  • Trending: Explore Featured and Most Popular videos.
  • Channels: Browse YouTube channels.
  • Play: Play YouTube Videos.
  • Comments: Read users’ comments.
  • Search: Search videos, music and channels.
  • Subscribe: Subscribe to your favorite channels.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark to your favorite videos.


3. LibreTube

By using LibreTube, you can freely watch and listen to content freely without the fear of prying eyes watching everything you are doing.

Apart from that the Piped proxies can bypass geo restrictions, therefore LibreTube can be used in countries where YouTube is blocked.

Features of LibreTube:

  • Ad-free, forever: Watch videos without being interrupted by ads and product placements.
  • Privacy friendly: We don’t use any Google services, nor save user data and use any trackers.
  • Lightweight: The app is built with Material Design 3 (also known as Material You), therefore usage feels very smooth.
  • Free and Open Source: LibreTube is licensed under the GPL-3.0, which is a copylefted libre license. Use, study, change and share; with all.
  • Subscriptions: Subscribe to channels to never miss out the latest videos of your favorite content creators.
  • Experience the difference: The app supports SponsorBlock, video chapters, user playlists and much more!


4. AdBlocker

If all you’re interested in is preventing advertisements, then you can simply simple install any Adblocker app which will help you to block ads on YouTube.

Check out this link for some AdBlocker apps for android.

5. Buy YouTube Premium

The issue with programs like this is that they will constantly engage in a game of cat and mouse. These applications will likely be eliminated one by one sooner rather than later. 

To cut to the chase, purchasing YouTube Premium will provide you access to 90% of the features that are provided here, plus you’ll be helping out your favorite artists.

Without a YouTube Premium membership, if you used to watch videos in Vanced, the producers didn’t get paid for your viewing.

Most of the things you’ve been missing are available with YouTube Premium, and you also help your favorite content producers by keeping the lights and heat on.

It seems to be a win-win situation.