Nectar Loveprint Quiz: What Is It & How To Take Loveprint Quiz

Are you interested in finding out more about your relationship personality?

Try out the Nectar Loveprint Test. Before that, I would like to share with you the Life Formula.

The formula for a perfectly fulfilled and happy life is “HRCM- Health, Relationship, Career, and Money.”Everyone should aim for balance in all four areas to succeed, regardless of which one they priorities.

Hence, in the Loveprint quiz, we focus more on partnerships, where you will learn about your approach to build a relationship and how to enhance it.

Let’s get going!

What Is Nectar Loveprint Quiz?

The Nectar Loveprint Quiz is a kind of assessment test in which you will discover more about your emotions and thoughts towards your partner and friends.

Undoubtedly, Nectar Loverprint Quizzes are very interesting and entertaining to play, with a lot of value at the end. I am sure you couldn’t help smiling.

Lets understand fundamental Loveprint terminologies before moving on to the core.

What Are Loveprint Codes? 

There are a total of 16 codes, each representing a four-letter combination. Each code has its distinct colour. You can see The colour and the code in the figure below.

Loveprint code 1
Loveprint Code 1 – 8
Loveprint code 2
Loveprint Code 9-16

What Are Loveprint Details?

These are the loveprint components that take into account in the relationship. They are Communication, Partnership, Intimacy, and Vulnerability.

Loveprint detauls
Loveprint Details

What Is Loveprint#?

Loveprint# is nothing but the point that you have scored out of 10.

Loveprint score
Loveprint Score

So what are you waiting for? Lets dive deep into the test. 

How To Take Loveprint Quiz?

The loveprint quiz might assist you in figuring out how you love and what kind of relationship suits you the best. 

They are around 35 questions in total.Are you ready to refresh your mind and thoughts?

Step 1: Go to the Nectar Lovprint quiz website by clicking the link below.


Step 2: The home page will look like this; click the Loveprint button in the upper right corner.

You may also follow them on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. It would be interesting to share the results with the Nectar Loveprint community.

Step 3: On the next page, fill in the details or scroll down and select “skip” to go on to the quiz subject.

Loveprint Skip
Loveprint Survey

Hurray! The quiz is here!

Step 4: Rate your points on the scale one by one.

The scale includes six options: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Somewhat Disagree, Somewhat Agree, Agree, and Strongly Agree.

Loveprint Quiz

After finishing the first quiz, you will redirect to the next. Click the back arrow to go to the previous question.

Step 5: Complete the quizzes one by one. When you finish all the quizzes, a popup window opens.

Signup Popup Window

Step 6: Fill in your email address and press the “Sign Up” button.

Wow! The result page is here. The love print code is RWPO, and the colour is orange gradient.

Nectar Loveprint Quiz result

Step 7: Finally, Go to the bottom of the page to see other Loveprint codes and their meaning. 

Explore Box

Step 8: Click the “Explore” button.

Step 9: Click on the colour to see its meaning. You can see the results in the left column.

Take quiz
Color codes and their meaning

Please note that, as you have completed the quiz already, clicking the “take the quiz” button navigates only to your final result page.

When you scroll down, you will get the results for different loveprint details and points by moving the little orange bar left and right in the slide.

LoveprintScale Results
Meaning of other Loveprint details

So, have you found your relationship personality? If not, click the link below and take the test right now.

Finally make sure you have commented your LovePrint code and score. We would love to know your personality traits and code colours.