Nainital Bank Mini Statement: Missed Call Number, SMS Banking

Nainital Bank Mini Statement

Nainital Bank mini statement is a short copy of the bank account statement. It mentions only the last 5 transactions. It is not permitted to use as income proof and your address is not printed on it. 

How to get Nainital Bank Mini Statement? 

To get Nainital Bank mini statement, you need to follow the below steps- 

Get Nainital Bank Mini Statement Through SMS Banking 

  • You have to use your registered mobile number that is linked with your Nainital bank account. 
  • Type an SMS and send it to 8466997755
  • You have to type the SMS in the following format- 

NTBL<space>CHQ<space>(Last 13 digit of your account number)

  • After sending within a few minutes, you will get an SMS. That will mention the last 5 transaction details. 

Get Nainital Bank Mini Statement Through Mobile Banking 

The Nainital Bank Mobile banking service varies from other banks. Here you need to send an SMS to a particular number with some code to get the mini statement details. The mini statement process for IMPS and CBS transactions is different. 

For IMPS mini statement- 

  1. You have to send an SMS to 9219510023 to get the last 5 transaction details. 
  1. The format of the message will be- 

ST<16 digit account number>

  1. Within a few minutes, you will receive your mini statement of IMPS transaction. 

For CBS mini statement- 

  1. You need to send an SMS to 9219510023 to receive the last 5 transaction details. 
  1. You need to type the message in the below format- 

MINI<16 digit account number>

  1. After sending the message, you will get to know your mini statement for the CBS transaction. 

Get Nainital Bank Mini Statement By visiting ATM

  1. You need to visit your nearest ATM. 
  1. Insert your Nainital ATM Card. 
  1. You have to select your preferred language. 
  1. Enter your secret ATM pin in the slot. 
  1. After that, you have to tap the ‘mini statement’ option on the screen.
  1. Then select the Nainital Bank account type. Either Savings or Current Account. 
  1. After some time, the ATM will process your mini statement receipt. 

Benefits of Nainital Bank Mini Statement

The following are the benefits of the Nainital Bank mini statement service:-

  • You can use this to quickly verify your transaction details from anywhere.
  • It’s a quick and easy approach to verify bank statement details because you don’t have to wait in line at the bank.
  • Mini statements can also be accessed by people who do not have access to the internet.

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What is the procedure for obtaining a bank statement from Nainital Bank?

Nainital Bank statements are available via SMS banking. You must text the following to 8466997755: NTBL<space>TRN<space>Last 13 digits of Account No. There are also other ways of obtaining a Nainital Bank statement. 

Can we check Nainital Bank Mini statements through Missed call service or Internet Banking? 

No. Nainital Bank doesn’t provide mini statements through missed calls as well as Internet Banking service. 

You can check mini statements through SMS banking, Mobile banking, and ATM. 

How to instantly block a Nainital ATM card? 

To block Nainital Bank DEBIT CARD immediately, the following keywords should be used: 

NTBL<space>ATM BLOCK<space>Last 13 digits of account number and sent to 8466997755.

Once the card has been blocked as requested above. The following confirmation SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number. 

Dear Customer, At 11:30 IST on February 12th, 2016, your Debit Card/Debit Card Block request for Card ending 7809 was successfully processed.

Please note that in case the customer does not receive the aforesaid confirmation SMS within 120 seconds. He or she should contact the bank immediately at 1800 180 4031. Also, Once a card has been blocked, it cannot be unblocked.


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