MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction History

metamask wallet transaction history

It is vеry еаsy to chеck thе trаnsаction history in MеtаMаsk wаllеt both in thе wеb еxtеnsion аs wеll аs thе mobilе аpp.

If you opеn thе wеb еxtеnsion, you will find а column bеsidе thе dеfаult “аssеts” column nаmеd “аctivity.” Your trаnsаction history will bе shown thеrе. In thе mobilе аpp, go to sеttings аnd you will find thе “Trаnsаction History” option in thе list.

MеtаMаsk wаllеt is аn Ethеrеum blockchаin bаsеd crypto wаllеt whеrе usеrs cаn storе mаdе trаnsаctions of thеir crypto аssеts.

It is thе most populаr crypto wаllеt аnd а usеr cаn еаsily usе it through thеir googlе chromе еxtеnsion. MеtаMаsk wаllеt hаs а usеr friеndly intеrfаcе which hеlps its usеrs to usе thе wаllеt without аny mаjor confusions.

Whеrе Is Thе Trаnsаction ID On MеtаMаsk Wаllеt?

A uniquе “Trаnsаction ID,” аlso known аs а trаnsаction hаsh, is аssignеd to еаch аnd еvеry trаnsаction on thе blockchаin. Thе phrаsеs аrе frеquеntly usеd with thе аcronyms tx or txn for trаnsаction.

Thе trаnsаction ID cаn bе found in а vаriеty of plаcеs, dеpеnding on thе plаtform you’rе using to аccеss MеtаMаsk:

Find Thе Trаnsаction ID On MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Through Chrome Extension

Steps to Find Thе Trаnsаction ID On MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Through Chrome Extension:

Step1: When you submit a transaction to the network, it will appear on your account’s Activity tab, indicating whether you were sending or receiving.

Step 2: Simply select the transaction you’re interested in.

Step 3: This should bring up the interface below, where you can see the handy Copy Transaction ID option. This will copy the ID to your clipboard, ready to be used in any situation.

Step 4: You will also be able to see your transaction id at the homepage of your MetaMask wallet account. Select the “Activity” option on the homepage which will show all of your transactions.

Find Thе Trаnsаction ID On MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Through Mobile App

You must first be allowed to examine transactions in order to get the transaction ID through mobile. Depending on how you wish to filter them down, there are two approaches:

Alternative 1: View transactions according to the token type

Step 1: This approach is helpful if you wish to identify tokens and is accessible via the wallet site, which displays all of the token kinds that have been previously added or retained by the wallet.

Step 2: Tap the correct token type to see its transactions, then choose the one you want: like  here you are looking for the transaction id.

Alternative 2: Transaction history

Step 1: Another approach to get to this level is to go to Transaction history through the hamburger symbol in the top-left, which will be more useful if you want to review all transactions related to the address.

Step 2: After you’ve found the transaction you want to look into, tap it to get the details.

Step 3: You’ll be given basic information as well as the transaction status, regardless of the method you chose. 

Step 4: Select the option to see on Etherscan at the bottom of the page to open Etherscan in the app’s native browser. 

On Etherscan, you’ll be able to quickly see the transaction ID labeled as ‘transaction hash.’

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How To Find MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction History?

MetaMask wallet has a very user friendly interface and it is very easy to find out the transaction history in this wallet. 

To find out the transaction history in the different version of MetaMask wallet please read the following section

For Web Extension version: Select the ‘Activity’ page and choose the appropriate transaction.

For Mobile App version: To display all transactions for a token, select the hamburger sign and click ‘Transaction History’, or pick the token on your wallet main page.

How To Downloаd MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction History?

Steps To Downloаd MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction History:

Step 1: Go to Etherscan and look for your wallet’s address.

Step 2: You will see all of your transactions at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: There should be a link to “Download CSV Export” in the bottom right hand corner:

Step 4: When you click this, a dialogue box should appear, allowing you to pick the date range you want to look at:

Step 5: Select ‘Download‘ after filling out the dates and captcha.

Step 6: You must have a file named “export-” in your downloads folder, along with your wallet address. For the timeframe you specified, this file should contain a comprehensive listing of all transactions involving your wallet (excluding internal transactions).

How To Chеck Trаnsаction Hаsh In MеtаMаsk Wаllеt?

A unique transaction ID, commonly referred as a transaction hash, is issued to each and every transaction on the blockchain. The phrases are frequently used with the acronyms tx or txn for transaction.

If you are checking your transaction hash through the web extension of the MetaMask wallet, follow the given steps:

Step 1: When you complete a transaction on the blockchain, it will display on the Activity page of your account, indicating whether you sent or received.

Step 2: Just choose the transaction you want to learn more about.

Step 3: You should now see the interface below, which includes a Copy Transaction ID option. The ID will be copied to your clipboard and ready to use in any scenario.

Step 4: If you want further details, select View on block explorer, which will take you to the appropriate block explorer page for the network you’re on. In this example, the transaction hash relates to the transaction ID.

If you are checking your transaction hash through a mobile app version of MetaMask wallet, there will be two possible alternatives which are discussed below:

To receive the transaction ID through mobile, you must first be able to inspect transactions. There are two techniques of filtering them down, depending on how you want to do it:

First Alternative: The first option is to sort transactions by token type

Step 1: This method is useful for identifying tokens and is accessible through the wallet site, which lists all of the token types that the wallet has previously added or kept.

Step 2: To examine its transactions, tap the relevant token type, then pick the one you want: in this case, you’re looking for the transaction id.

Second Alternative: History of transactions

Step 1: Alternative way to go to this level is to use the hamburger icon in the top-left to get to Transaction history, which will be much more beneficial if you want to view all transactions associated with the address.

Step 2: Once you’ve located the transaction you’d like to investigate, tap it to acquire more information.

Step 3: Regardless of the technique you choose, you’ll be provided basic information as well as the transaction status.

Step 4: At the bottom of the page, click on the option to see on Etherscan to open Etherscan in the app’s native browser.

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Whеrе Is My Ethеrеum аddrеss In MеtаMаsk Wаllеt?

You can find out your Ethereum address in both the web extension as well as the mobile app version of MetaMask wallet. 

To know your Ethereum address, please follow the given steps:

know Your Ethereum Address In MetaMask Through Chrome Extension

Steps to know your Ethereum Address in MetaMask Through Chrome Extension:

Step 1: To find your Ethereum address, go to your MetaMask wallet account in the web extension. There you will see at the top “Account”; just under that you will find the option to copy your address.

Step 2: Another way to find your full Ethereum address is, go to the three vertical dots at the right top corner. 

Step 3: You will find an option named “View Account Etherscan.” Click on that option to see your account on the Etherscan page. 

Step 4: At the first line of that page your Ethereum address will be provided.

know Your Ethereum Address In MetaMask Through Mobile App

Steps to know your Ethereum Address in MetaMask Through Chrome Extension:

Step 1: Open your MetaMask wallet app on your mobile.

Step 2: At the bottom of the homepage, click on the option to see on Etherscan to open Etherscan in the app’s native browser.

Step 3: Your Etherscan page will show your Ethereum address at the first line; just like the web extension.

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MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction History Disаppеаrеd

If you are facing any issue like your transaction history has disappeared, no need to panic, just try to log in again and see if it works or not or else you can ask assistance from the support desk of MetaMask wallet.

To know how to restore your account, please follow the given steps.

In case you are using the web extension of the MetaMask wallet:

Step 1: In the top-right menu, select ‘Lock.’

Step 2: The page will ask you to log in.

Step 3: Enter your password and log in. Check once if the problem is solved or not

Note: You can also contact the support team of MetaMask wallet from your account and ask for help in this matter of disappeared transaction history.

MеtаMаsk Wаllеt  Missing Trаnsаction

If your transactions are missing in the MetaMask wallet, you need to restore your account to make it visible again in the list of transactions.

We have already discussed the ways to restore your account both in the web extension version as well as in the mobile version of the MetaMask wallet. Please follow the similar steps.

MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction Confirmеd But Not Rеcеivеd

It may possible that tokens you sent directly to the contract address. For the majority of tokens, you want to start a smart contract interaction with your wallet and the contract address.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reverse a transaction (this is due to the nature of blockchains, not something Metamask can control)

You’ll need to reach out to the projects support team, to see if they have access to that wallet.

Be certain you are speaking with the Projects actual support team. There are tons of people posing as support for many legitimate projects.

Their support won’t ask for seed phrases (Secret Recovery Phrases) nor will they give you one to enter. Those are common scam tactics.

Im not sure if they can, but if they are able to restore your lost tokens, they will only need your public wallet address to do so.


MеtаMаsk Wаllеt Trаnsаction Not Showing On Ethеrscаn

Does a transaction id appear on your MetaMask wallet for the transaction? What’s the status of the transaction on your MetaMask wallet?

If transaction is pending then Please try resetting your MetaMask wallet & try the transaction again. Please note this will remove all of your transaction history, but will not alter your wallet otherwise.


MetaMask wallet is the most popular Ethereum blockchain based wallet due to its easy to use User Interface.

We have discussed the ways to solve the problems or confusions which are very common among the users. It is clear that if you want to see your transaction id on MetaMask wallet both the web extension version and the mobile version, you can easily find it.

Moreover you can find that information on the Ethereum blockchain’s native page “Etherscan.” You can even download your whole transaction history in your device for other purposes.

If you face any problem with the transaction data, you can simply restore your account and the problem will most likely be solved. Else you can directly contact the support desk of MetaMask wallet and seek help.