Logging Into Facebook From An Embedded Browser Is Disabled

logginf into facebook from an embedded browser is disabled

Are you facing the Embedded Browser disabled error message while attempting to log into Facebook?

If yes, then you might be at the right place as we will be providing an easy fix for the issue.

Facebook always keeps bringing new updates to ensure the security of its users.

This error message also intends to protect the users from any fraudulent activities.

What Does Embedded Browser Mean?

An Embedded Browser refers to an in-built web browser that does not leave the whiteboard while taking you to different sites on the Internet.

You can use only a single embedded browser at a time. It does not support any pop-up pages.

Such a browser doesn’t keep any track of the sites you have visited or logged in to.

Therefore, once you sign out from any application on the embedded browser, its history won’t be available for later access.

How Do I Change The Embedded Browser On Facebook?

Once you fix the Embedded browser issue on Facebook, then you can try to open any link you wish to open on Facebook.

After this, Facebook will ask you about the browser in which you wish to open that selected link.

You can choose your preferred Embedded browser from there. 

You can select the Always option also if you wish to use the same browser always for opening various links on Facebook.

What Does “Logging Into Facebook From An Embedded Browser Is Disabled” Mean?

When you encounter logging into Facebook from an Embedded browser as a disabled error message, then it means that Facebook is allowing you to use an Embedded browser.

When users attempt to log into any app or to games such as CODM, Free Fire, PUBG, etc., then they may face this error message.

However, there is a quick and easy fix for this issue if you are facing it on Android. Keep reading further to know about the fix.

Why Logging Into Facebook From An Embedded Browser Is Disabled?

Login to Facebook using an embedded browser may be shown as disabled because the support to it has been deprecated by Facebook for Android embedded browsers since 5 October 2021.

Facebook has disallowed login from an embedded browser to mitigate the malicious activities or due to the rising number of phishing attempts on Android embedded browsers.

How To Fix “Logging Into Facebook From An Embedded Browser Is Disabled”?

You Can not. Facebook has removed the option to use the Embedded browser on 5 October 2021.

Therefore, if you are encountering an embedded browser disabled issue, you will not be able to resolve it. The feature is no more now available.

How Do I Log Into Embedded Browser On Facebook?

You can not log in to the embedded browser on Facebook as Facebook has discontinued the option in 2021 October.

With the increase in phishing attacks, Facebook has decided to remove the feature.

Facebook released a post in June to depreciate the embedded user login for Android devices but delayed the decision to give developers prepare for it.

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Once you have fixed the error of disabled login into Facebook on an Embedded browser, you will become able to log in to the various games or apps on your Android device.

However, there is no fix available for this issue on iPhone devices. We have provided the possible fix for the above-mentioned issue in this write-up, and we hope that you find it useful.