How To Get Lensa AI Magic Avatar Free

Lensa AI is a photo editing app developed by Prisma Labs, Inc.

It allows users to transform their selfies into “magic avatars” using AI technology.

The app offers a variety of styles and filters, including avatars that match the user’s skin tone, hair, and facial features.

Lensa AI offers a free trial for 7 days when you first time install the app on your device.

The free trial is only valid for first 7 days and after that you’ll be automatically charged.

However, the Magic Avatar feature is a paid feature even though you’re a subscriber.

If you want to use Lensa AI Magic Avatar feature you have to pay for it.

How To Get Lensa AI Magic Avatar Free?

If you want to get Lensa AI Magic Avatar feature for Free then you have to install the Lensa AI mod APK on your device.

But It is not advisable to download or use Mod APKs of Lensa AI Magic Avatar, as they may contain malware or be illegal.

Instead, you can download the official Lensa AI Magic Avatar app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

After that buy some avatar if you want to use.