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On TikTok, a new trend emerges every week. TikTok often encourages the playful and creative sides of all of its users, who then start to create new trends that spread like wildfire.

The most recent viral hit on TikTok is related to Kokology.

kokology book is a series of psychological and hypothetical questions aimed to elicit information about a person’s personality, attitude, beliefs, and prejudices. Despite the fact that the exam is far from flawless, individuals like playing the game.

Kokology quiz that has gone viral on Tiktok is a self-assessment quiz in which users test themselves by answering a scenario based on the question.

it is a relational psychology test rather than a test for couples.

People are offered mental questions or scenarios in the Kokology trend. They must envision the circumstance and respond appropriately.

It is stated that the person’s response helps them find themselves and their self-worth. Each answer indicates what kind of person they are and what their personalities are.

The Forest Question test wasn’t formally defined until July 20th, 2022, when TikToker julieandcorey released a video in which which she had a text discussion with her husband in which she asked him three questions that comprised the Forest Question test.

In the TikTok’s description, she stated that it came from the same Kokology book that has the Strawberry Question (_Kokology: the Game of Self-Discovery), specifically writing that it “has one like this so I had to try it.”

Kokology Forest Questions And Answers TikTok

The Questions were:

Kokology Forest Questions And Answers TikTok

1. Time to visualize yourself in a forest, what’s the first animal that you see? What’s the second animal that you see?

2. Now, imagine there’s a hut. Do you bypass it, knock before going in or crash in?

3. Now, you find a jug. How much water is in it: none, full or half full?

Her husband answered to all of the questions on TikTok with funny GIFs, but he eventually failed the test. She explained to him what his subconscious replies signified about their relationship:

1. The first animal represents the responder and the second animal represents the questioner.

2. The hut represents the relationship and how ready the responder is to be in it.

3. The amount of water in the jug represents how much love the responder feels is in the relationship.

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