Knock At The Cabin Ending Explained

The ending of “The Cabin At The End Of The World” novel diverges from the film adaptation “Knock At The Cabin.” A family – Eric, Andrew, and their daughter Wen – are enjoying their vacation at a cabin in the woods when they are confronted by four mysterious individuals – Leonard, Redmund, Adriane, and Sabrina – who demand that one of the family members must die to avoid the apocalypse.

As the situation unfolds, Andrew manages to escape and kills Adriane. During a struggle between Andrew and Leonard, Wen is accidentally shot and killed. Despite the tragedy, Leonard stops fighting, realizing that Wen’s death cannot serve as a sacrifice, leaving Eric and Andrew as the only options.

knock at the cabin ending explained

Eric remains skeptical of the supposed apocalypse, while Sabrina confesses that she can no longer continue with the plan after Wen’s death. Sabrina ultimately kills Leonard and helps Eric and Andrew escape before taking her own life. She tells the couple that there is still a chance to save the world.

However, Andrew questions the validity of the prophecy, stating that Wen’s death wasn’t enough to prevent the apocalypse, and he doesn’t want to sacrifice anyone else. The couple ultimately decides to not sacrifice themselves and wait to see if the four strangers were telling the truth.