Is Midjourney Free? Midjourney Subscription & Pricing

Midjourney Pricing Is Midjourney Free

Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

MidJourney is a AI powered tool that can transform your text into image/ art.

There are two ways to experience the tools: the Midjourney Bot, which you can use to generate images, and the web app at, where you can find a gallery of your own work and other users’ creations.

In this article, we will discuss about Midjourney Pricing, Is Midjourney Free or not, Midjourney trail and subscription.

Is Midjourney Free?

Yes, Midjourney is free but it is limited to 25 free uses in free trial.

Once you begin using Midjourney, you will only be able to make limited images/ arts before you must subscribe Midjourney.

The /imagine command and other searches can be used around 25 free uses (variations, upscales).

These activities are often referred to as jobs or GPU minutes.

At this time, your 25 free jobs do not expire but they also do not renew.

Once you’ve used them all, you may purchase a subscription by using the command /subscribe in any Bot channel.

To use the Midjourney Bot in any server users must have an active Midjourney trial or subscription.

Using the /imagine command for the first time command will automatically begin a trial membership for new users.

Midjourney Pricing

There are 2 mainstream plans: Basic for $10/month and Standard for $30/month.

Standard benefits from having access to ‘relax’ time and more than 4 times as much ‘fast’ time.

Both can add the Private visibility option for $20/month.

Are you using MidJourney as an employee for a company with over $1Million/year in gross revenue?

If so, you need to choose the Corporate plan for $600/year.

This plan is similar to a yearly version of Standard+Private with reduced fast hours and a license to allow use at large companies.

Midjourney Pricing
Source: Midjourney Website

Both Basic And Standard Plans Offer:

  • Monthly subscription. Will renew automatically after 30 days by default (which can be toggled off)
  • The ability to DM (Direct Message) the MidJourney Bot (your images will still appear in the public gallery unless you add /private to your subscription).
  • The ability to purchase private-by-default mode by using the /private command on Discord and adding $20/month to your subscription. Private images will still be on your gallery on the website, except they’re hidden from other users and they’ll remain hidden even after you discontinue private mode.
  • Fast mode. You can buy more ‘fast’ minutes for $4/60min by turning on metered incremental billing (use /fast to purchase fast hours).
  • Once you’ve successfully upgraded you’ll see a new “basic member” or “member” role on your Discord profile, which will give you access to all of our community channels.
  • Access to community feeds and galleries at
  • Restricted commercial usage; learn more about it here.

Basic Membership ($10/month) Offers:

  • You’ll be able to run ~200 jobs every month. To be more specific, your available ‘fast’ time is set to 200 GPU minutes every time you purchase or renew this plan.
  • No access to relax mode
  • You can upgrade your plan at any time under /subscribe. You will receive a discount proportional to the GPU minutes you haven’t used. For example, you’ll receive a $5 discount if you used 100 out of your 200 minutes.

Standard Membership ($30/month) Offers:

  • Your available ‘fast’ time is set to 15 GPU hours (900 GPU minutes) every time you purchase or renew this plan. This is 4.5 times as much GPU time when compared to Basic.
  • You now have access to ‘relax’ mode, which allows you to run unlimited jobs in exchange for longer wait times. While in ‘relax’ mode, you won’t be able to run ‘Upscale to Max’ jobs.
  • ‘Fast’ mode is enabled by default for new subscribers but you can switch between ‘relax’ or ‘fast’ at any time by using the /relax and /fast commands.

Private Visibility Option (+$20/month)

  • All plans can work in Direct Messages (DMs) with the MidJourney Bot. With Private visibility, private images on your gallery on the website will be hidden from other users and they’ll remain hidden even after you discontinue private mode.
  • Private mode is still subject to the PG-13 rules of content generation, however.
  • While paying for Private visibility, you’ll also be able to publish or unpublish images in your gallery through 👁-shaped buttons. If you don’t see them, you will need to log out from the website and then log back in.

Incremental Billing ($4 For 60 GPU Minutes)

  • All paid plans can purchase more ‘fast’ minutes with incremental billing, which is also known as metered fast time. Once you have exhausted the ‘fast’ time on your plan, you’ll be given the option to activate incremental billing at a rate of $4 per GPU hour. You can use the /fast command to have this option appear once again.
  • Before activating fast time you have to set a ‘spending limit‘. When you hit the spending limit, MidJourney will stop you and ask you to set a new one before continuing.
  • You will only be charged for the time you’ve actually used. For example, if you set a spending limit of $20 but you only use $17.32 in metered GPU minutes, you’ll only be billed for $17.32.
  • You can use /info at any time to see how many metered fast minutes you’ve used this billing cycle, along with their cost in USD.
  • Incremental billing will be charged either at the end of the month for your subscription or every time you hit the billing threshold. This threshold is equal to the renewal price of your current plan, such as $30 for the Standard plan.

Corporate Membership ($600/year) Offers:

  • You will be able to use images commercially as an employee for a company with over $1Million/year in gross revenue.
  • Your available ‘fast’ time is set to 120 GPU hours (7,200 GPU minutes) every time you purchase or renew this plan. This is 2/3rds as much GPU time when compared to a full year of Standard.
  • All the same features as the Standard Membership plan.
  • All the same features as the Private visibility Option, at no additional cost.

How To Subscribe To Midjourney?

Type /subscribe in any bot channel to upgrade or purchase the Midjourney plan.

Another way is to follow that link and login with your Discord credentials at

What Payment Options Midjourney Accept?

Midjourney only accept debit and credit cards issued by services like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners, and Japan Credit Bureau.

This is because they currently process all payments through Stripe, a payment processing service certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.

This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

PayPal, wire transfer, and similar methods are not currently supported.

Can You Cancel Midjourney Subscription Plan?

Yes, You can cancel your subscription at any time: the cancellation will be effective at the end of the current billing cycle and you’ll still be able to use your current subscription until then.

If you change your mind, you can un-cancel your plan before the end of the cycle.

To cancel your subscription, go to the same page you bought it from:

Can Midjourney Refund Your Active Subscription Plan?

If you cancel your plan while having run jobs for less than 1% of your subscription’s fast time for the month, you’ll also be eligible for a refund.

Can You Change Your Midjourney Subscription Plan?

Yes, You can generally change your subscription at any time, effective immediately.

Any remaining usage of Private visibility will be credited to your new plan.

Enterprise plans, such as Corporate, are not eligible for downgrades.

To change your subscription, go to the same page you bought it from: