Is CoinSwitch Kuber Legal And Safe?

Is coinswitch kuber legal and safe

The world of cryptocurrency can be a scary one at first, but you needn’t worry. CoinSwitch will take away that fear and replace it with trust. Through CoinSwitch, you can buy cryptocurrency instantly. It’s safe, legal, and secure! 

CoinSwitch has been instrumental in facilitating cryptocurrency trading. Since the day it launched as the only aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges. CoinSwitch is safe. They proudly state that they are legit. By providing various proofs that they offer real trades to their clients.

Yes, they are legal and they comply with all the laws in India. CoinSwitch also follows KYC and AML norms while signing up for an account. So you can rest assured that CoinSwitch is 100% legal. Also, there is no such law in India that makes buying, selling, or trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin illegal.

CoinSwitch has been in business since 2014. CoinSwitch is India’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. They specialize in offering the widest range of digital assets and providing a seamless conversion service. They also offer a variety of funding options with instant processing, helping traders complete their exchange fast, safe and efficient.

Is CoinSwitch Legal In India? 

Yes, Coin Switch is fully legal and safe to use. There are only a few regulations around bitcoin exchanges in India. As long as you follow all the regulations laid down by the RBI, there is no problem at all. It’s only when people start operating without any legit source of income, they get in trouble.

Coin Switch is the fastest, most reliable & secure place. Here you can buy cryptocurrency in India. You don’t have to worry about your details being compromised. As all our services are Anti-money laundering Act compliant. Their team will provide you with the absolute best experience while maintaining the highest standards of security & customer support.

CoinSwitch is an emerging cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. That makes it easier to compare the rate at which you can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. It has 3 base currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. And more than 300 cryptocurrencies listed for trading.

CoinSwitch isn’t illegal in India, but what it does maybe. The Indian government hasn’t yet intervened either way. But CoinSwitch can use your bank accounts to buy cryptocurrency from exchanges globally.

Without transfers having to happen through the Indian banking system. CoinSwitch’s fee is pegged at 0.5% of the total value. It appears to be a genuine transfer fee to the exchanges. The amounts are withdrawn via CoinSwitch’s bank accounts through international arteries.

They operate an escrow business model where we act as the seller/buyer of cryptocurrency. It ensures you don’t overpay or underpay for any cryptocurrency. Their revenue is generated through fees (1% per transaction) charged by buyers and sellers.

The revenue generated through fees is used to execute our business model. It involves promoting cryptos on this platform. This platform helps users to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Even at nominal rates from other users across the globe.

How Is CoinSwitch Convenient?

CoinSwitch seamlessly facilitates cryptocurrency trading, with a simple user interface and quick transactions. They use their complex technology to give you the best rate. Especially when it comes to exchanging your cryptocurrencies.

Make no mistake, there are crypto exchanges that pretend to care about their users, but they don’t. CoinSwitch, the focus is on you – the user, and your needs. They are the FIRST cryptocurrency exchange removal site.

They aggregate all the prices of all major exchanges at once, so you can compare them easily, all in one place. CoinSwitch is a one-stop destination for Bitcoin and Altcoin traders. They provide easy APIs to integrate Bitcoin and Altcoin prices to any platform.

No matter if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading or a seasoned pro. CoinSwitch welcome you with open arms. Their platform is designed with the average end-user in mind.

But their technology is built to handle some of the biggest trading volumes from businesses across the globe. They have been around for many years. Their promising young team is as passionate as ever about the Cryptocurrency revolution.

CoinSwitch is the most advanced crypto trading platform. With 400+ cryptocurrencies and more than 100,000 crypto pairs available. They also offer 24/7 live chat with a response time of less than fewer notes. During the last six months, they have executed more than 1 million trades.

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Reasons Why CoinSwitch Is Safe

Security Features: 

CoinSwitch has implemented some of the highest security measures and technologies. Only because to keep your money and personal information safe. It takes care of the technology so that you can focus on trading.

CoinSwitch ensures that your coins are deposited in your wallets safely. They store 98% of the total cryptocurrency funds in cold wallets which are completely safe. But transfer the remaining amount to the hot wallet.

That is located on the exchange server for immediate trading. CoinSwitch has announced several plans to improve the security of its cryptocurrency trading platform.

The upgraded trading system works as part of a multi-functional solution. It provides both real-time exchange as well as peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange services.

Highly Reliable Purchase

CoinSwitch backed by an Indian exchange. It supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies.

Their goal is to create a coin exchange that is safe and trustworthy. CoinSwitch helps you buy cryptocurrencies. By providing you with other conventional methods of purchase. You can use any cryptocurrency or easily purchase using a UPI or NEFT transfer.

Safety Of Funds 

CoinSwitch ensures that it is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Especially for trading digital currencies with utmost security. With CoinSwitch, you are assured of safe storage.

They are among the most consistent exchanges. Their customer support is always responsive so you’ll never have to worry about your funds being insecure.

CoinSwitch is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides real-time trading. It is a secure, reliable, and popular way to trade 300+ cryptocurrencies and ensures the safety of funds. 

Can CoinSwitch Be Hacked? 

CoinSwitch is one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms available in the market. Our team works hard to ensure that CoinSwitch can remain an ideal platform. For all the people looking for trading cryptocurrencies in the safest way possible.

CoinSwitch doesn’t store any user’s funds, so it’s fraud proof. They have a fraud detection system. It monitors fraud transactions and protects our users from fraud. CoinSwitch’s backend is designed to be highly secure. That is why it remains the safest and most trusted platform. Hence there is no chance that Coin Switch can be hacked. 

To Sum Up

CoinSwitch core strength is their people. The entire development team with about 85 engineers are working on CoinSwitch. You can trust them for your cryptocurrency trading needs.

They do not divulge any personal information to 3rd parties with whom we do business. Except if they are government agencies following due process with valid court orders. This assures you of the safety of your data and their privacy by default.


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