iPhone Control Center Icons

If you are an iPhone user and want to know the way or a feature through which you can easily and instantly access your apps, utilities, and tools, then the control center is what you need to know about. 

This control center saves the time that is consumed while going through the whole process of finding that particular app by searching it on your phone or searching the whole settings to find the desired feature or tool. 

The control center comprises icons that are basically shortcuts to make your mobile phone more efficient and more reliable. These icons represent the controls that you have easy and instant access to. 

And it definitely makes using an iPhone much easier and less clumsy. The control center in iPhone can be understood as an equivalent to a notification panel on an android device.

iPhone Control Center Icons

iPhone Control Center Icons present in the control center represent various apps and utilities. Shortcuts to the required apps and utilities make our lives more efficient and save our time.

iPhone Control Center Icons includes Airplane Mode, Cellular, Wi-Fi Network, Bluetooth, Screen Brightness and Screen Recorder and Do Not Disturb, Music Playback, Screen Mirroring, and Volume Control which cannot be customized on the control panel.

iPhone Control Center Icons list

Not only this, we can modify our control center and keep the icons or shortcuts of certain desirable apps as well as features there on the control center.  

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Some of the icons present in the control center cannot be modified or changed in any manner, nor can they be disabled or moved around in the control center. Some of these icons are:

  • Airplane mode

It enables us to turn on/off the airplane mode. This mode is generally enabled while you are boarding an airplane for traveling purposes.

When the airplane mode is turned on, the phone cannot connect to any cellular data, wifi, or BlueTooth. So, this icon is an important feature that stays there unchanged in the control center.

  • Cellular, Wi-Fi Network

These two icons remain there on the control panel unchanged, unmodified, and unmoved as we cannot do any alterations to them.

This feature simply allows a user to enable or disable cellular data or Wi-Fi networks.

  • Bluetooth

This icon allows the user to have access to Bluetooth, and the position of the icon cannot be changed.

  • Screen Brightness and Screen Recorder

Screen brightness allows the user to control the brightness of the screen and the screen recorder allows the user to record anything displayed on the screen. Both these icons remain unmoved on the control panel.

There are more icons like Do Not Disturb, Music Playback, Screen Mirroring, and Volume Control which cannot be customized on the control panel.

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How to Add Icons To The iPhone Control Center?

Apart from these icons, which cannot be customized, we can add certain desirable app shortcuts, utilities, controls, etc., to the control panel as per our need and choice.

To add icons to the control panel, the following steps need to be kept in mind:

Step 1: Open Settings On Your iPhone

Step 1 iPhone Control Center Icons

Locate settings on your phone, open it and then search for the control center.

Step 2: Tap On The Control Center

Step 2 iPhone Control Center Icons

After finding the control center, open it, and you will find a list of apps, utilities, and controls.

Step 3: Add Or Remove The Control Accordingly

Step 3 iPhone Control Center Icons

Now, you can add the desired icon of the app on the control panel by finding the app and then tapping on the green plus (+) there.

Similarly, you can remove the control or icon by first finding it in the list and then tapping on the red minus (-) present there.

How to Customise My iPhone Control Center?

The benefit or advantage of customizing the control center arrived with iOS 11 and has been improving since then.

Control Center in itself is a very useful and beneficial feature of the iPhone, and now the advantage of being able to customize it adds a cherry on top.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to customize your control center:

Step 1: Open Settings On Your Phone

Go and find settings on your phone, and then from settings, scroll down or search for control center.

Step 2: Tap On The Control Center

Tap on the control center and open it. You will get a list of apps and controls. 

Step 3: Customize Your Control Center Accordingly

Once you open the control center, you will see two sections. One will be the included controls and the other more control.

Step 4: Removing And Re-Arranging Any Icon From The Control Center

Under the included controls section, you can remove any icon by tapping on the red minus (-), and the control will be removed successfully. 

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You can re-arrange the apps in the same section by tapping and holding the three grey lines.

Step 5: Adding A New Icon To The Control Center

Under the more controls section, you can add any desired app or icon by tapping on the green plus (+), and the app or icon will be added to the control center successfully.

Step 6: Checking Your Changes

Once you have done the preferred customization to your control center, you can check it by swiping down the control center from the top right corner of your screen.

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The Control center offers you a variety of utilities and app shortcuts, making accessing anything easier and faster. Like, you can easily enable your flashlight from the control center, or you can enable your Wi-fi by just tapping on it through the control center. 

Therefore, this feature proves to be one of a kind as it allows a user to access any utility or app by just swiping down from the top right corner.

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