Instagram User Meaning

instagram user

If you take a look at your Instagram DMs, you are likely to find a previous account of one of your friends, which now states Instagram user. You are also not able to see their profile picture. Now, this makes you wonder what it means.

Instead of seeing their name being displayed in your DMs, you only see their profile as an Instagram user. This can simply mean either one of the two things:

  • Either they have deleted their Instagram account
  • Or they have temporarily deactivated their account

In either of these cases, Instagram replaces the profile picture with a blank photo and changes the account ID to – Instagram user. This is indicative of the fact that the person is no longer available on Instagram.

Instagram User Meaning

Instagram User mean either they temporarily deactivated their Instagram account or permanently deleted their Instagram account.

You might see the tag “Instagrammer” or “Instagram User” instead of a certain profile that you have been looking for.

This can mean a few different things, such as – they have temporarily deactivated or deleted their account, or in a very rare circumstance, their account has been removed by Instagram for breaking the community guidelines.

Instagram user issue

If you want to check whether you have been blocked by someone on Instagram, try messaging them from another account.

If the messages are being delivered to them, then you can rest assured that they have not deleted their account. Rather you have been blocked by them. 

Remember that whenever someone blocks your account on Instagram, you won’t be able to find the profile from the Instagram search bar.

That will be the case if we are dealing with a private profile. If in case you are blocked by a public profile user, you won’t be able to see their followers and following count, neither will you be able to see their posts.

Let us take a look at both the instances that we have just talked about:

Deleting Instagram Account

As you delete your Instagram account, you are no longer a part of the community; hence, your profile picture gets removed from your platform, including your user ID.

Your friends will still have access to the older chats through their DMs, but they will find neither your profile picture nor your user ID.

The messages sent to your account will be delivered, but for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to receive them.

Temporarily Deactivating Account

This is a much simpler and hassle-free way to stay out of the Instagram buzz for a while. This way, you can reactivate your account whenever you like and join the community.

Temporarily deactivating your Instagram account has the same effect on your profile as deleting your account.

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Why Do I See “Instagram User” Rather Than A Name?

In case you see “Instagram User” rather than the name of the person on the profile, it can imply that the person has temporarily disabled their account or have permanently deleted the account from the Instgaram.

However, there is always a difference between permanently deleting and temporarily disabling the account. 

So, if you see Instagram user, tap on the profile, if you are able to see the bio, followers, and other things except posts, it means that the user has temporarily deleted the account. Moreover, if nothing appears on the profile, it means it is permanently deleted.

Does Instagram User Mean Blocked?

No. The Instagram User tag doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been blocked by the person. Although, if you are unable to find someone’s profile on Instagram or you are unable to see their posts or followers and the following count, then it is likely that you have been blocked by them over the app.

The Instagram user tag is displayed instead of the username of an individual when they have either deleted or temporarily deactivated their account.

Instagram does not notify you every time you are blocked by someone. Hence, these are a few heads up for finding out if you have been blocked or have just deleted your account.

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Does Instagram User Mean They Deleted Their Account?

Yes. It is one of the reasons why you might see the “Instagram User” displayed instead of their user handle. When you try to send a Dm to a profile who has deleted their Instagram account, your message will not go through.

Your message is neither delivered nor received by the individual. You can only access the older chats with the individual till further notice for when they create a new Instagram account. Until then, you will only find the Instagram user tag and a blank picture on their profile.

What Does Instagram User Mean In DM?

In DM, Instagram User Mean they have deleted their account. If they had a private account and you are still able to find it on Instagram, then rest assured that you have not been blocked.

Note that the accounts that are manually deleted by the users are permanently removed by the app after a period of 30 days. Within the period, you will find the Instagram User tag displayed instead of their username.

So while you are on your DMs, if you find a profile named Instagram User or Instagrammer, this is only indicative that the person has either blocked you on Instagram or they have deleted their account. It might also indicate that they have temporarily deactivated their Instagram account.

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Winding Up

If you spot the Instagram User tag in your DMs, try out the methods mentioned in this article to clarify whether you have been blocked by them over the app or have merely deactivated their account. 

Before jumping to conclusions, try searching for their username from your web browser. Type username. If the results show “Sorry, this page isn’t available”, then it is pretty clear that you have been blocked by them on Instagram.