Indian Bank DD Form: How To Fill It?

Indian Bank DD form Filling

The demand draft of the Indian bank is divided into two parts. When you deposit it after filling, the bank returns one of its parts as a receipt called customer copy. And another part is called bank copy. So you have to fill in both copies of the Demand Draft. 

Once you have the DD form in your hand, you will notice that this DD form also acts as BPO, TT, GC, NEFT or RTGS form. It is mentioned on the Indian bank DD form. 

In this article, you will learn about filling both copies of the Demand draft. But before jumping to the process of filling dd form. So first, it’s important to know what exactly is the Demand draft. And for what purpose is it used?

What Is DD Form?

The demand draft form is one of the banking forms widely used to make payments. It is a negotiable instrument that guarantees the particular sum of payment mentioned by the payee name. 

Uses Of Demand Draft

Despite there being lots of ways to make payments, the demand draft has its significance. It is widely used to make payments when applying for any government bank, university form, or deposit your college fee.

How To Fill Indian Bank DD Form?

Following are the easy steps you can follow to fill the DD (Demand Draft) form of Indian Bank.

Step 1. Since the form has other uses too, but in your case, it is a DD form, please above the word DD written at the top. So, the bank will be clear that you have filled it for a Demand draft purpose.

Step 2. Start with filling in the customer copy. Write the date on the top left side of the DD in the format of date, month, and year (DD/MM/YY).

Step 3. After filling in the date, Write the branch name in the first line beside the Indian Bank.

Step 4. Then it will ask you the Applicant’s name. Here you have to fill in your name.

Step 5. Fill in the account number.

Step 6. Again fill in the name.

Step 7. In the payable column, you have to write the institution name to whom you want to deposit the money. For example, suppose you want to deposit your college fee or apply for a government job then, you will need to write the name of your college or that particular government institution.

Step 8. Then besides the printed word “in favor of”, write again the same as you mentioned in the payable column.

Step 9. Jump to the amount section, and you will have to fill the amount excluded commission. Remember, the bank takes some amount as a commission as per the DD amount. 

Step 10. Ask the manager or other bank staff members about how much the commission will be on your amount. Then fill the commission charge next to the amount.

Step 11. Write the total amount, including commission.

Step 12. Now, fill the right side of the demand draft, i.e. bank copy. Next, fill in the date at the top right of the cheque.

Step 13. Again fill in the branch name of your bank.

Step 14. In the “payable at” column, write the name of the institution.

Step 15. Then just below it, mention the location of the branch.

Step 16. Again fill the institution name in the rectangular box.

Step 17. Since you are using this form as a DD, jump to the address section and write the beneficiary address.

Step 18. Mention the purpose. Let’s say college Fee. However, it is optional to fill.

Step 19. Now, mention the amount in words like fifty thousand and hundred rupees.

Step 20. Jump to the square box at the corner. And fill the amount without commission in numeric value the numeric value like 51,100/-

Step 21. Mention the commission, and put your sign where it is written “signature of Remitter or account holder.”

Step 22. Just below, it mentions your name, address, and mobile number in the given column.

Step 23. Now, come out of the square box, and just to the left side of this square box, it is asked to sign. Sign here too.

Congratulations! Your Demand draft form has been filled successfully.

To Sum Up

You can get this demand draft form at your particular branch of the bank. Or it is also used and filled online. DD is one of the safe and secured ways to make payments that can not be dishonored as the bankers prepare it.


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