I Got Scammed on Apple Pay

i got scammed on apple pay

In the 21st century, getting scammed or dealing with fraudulent parties is quite common. Even though Apple Pay is one of the most highly secure wallet platforms, users are still vulnerable to getting scammed. This article will learn about whether Apple protects you and what resources you can take to resolve fraud, etc.  

Does Apple Pay offer Buyer Protection?

In essence, there is no buyer protection policy when using Apple Pay as the transactions are conducted between two parties. If there is an issue of fraud or theft, you would have to file a complaint against the other party, with Apple not being held liable.

How do I file a Dispute with Apple Pay?

In the case of any dispute or a merchant party not providing you services, they promised to deliver. A user can follow the following recourse they can follow through-

Cancel the Payment

  1. Select the Messages icon in your IOS tray of apps, tap on conversation and select the payment option. 
  2. Open up the Apple Cash cards in the Apple Pay application. In the menu of Latest Transactions, select the payment menu, then click on the menu again. 
  3. Choose Cancel Payment.

If the transaction hasn’t gone through or has not been credited by the end-user, it will get canceled. It might take about 3 days for the bank to process your request for a refund and return the amount.

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Is Apple Pay safe for Sellers?

Yes, Apple Pay is highly secure and driven by following the basic ideas of maintaining privacy. They do not store any physical card (Debit, credit, cash) details on their servers.

Every transaction requires biometric scanning or Face ID to ensure that no unauthorized party takes advantage of it. All wallet information is stored completely encrypted to avoid any leaking of personal information.

How to get Money Back from Apple Pay if Scammed?

Essentially Apple does not take on any liabilities when it comes to transactions that have been conducted under Apple Pay. You would have to report them to the authorities who might look into them. 

When it comes to using Apple’s policies, you can report the scammer under the 

“Report a transaction with the wrong merchant name or location” section of their policy. Here are the steps you need to follow-

Report to Apple Pay if you scammed:

  • Step 1: Go onto your Apple Device and select Apple Pay. Now click on the card under which you conducted your transaction with.
  • Step 2: Under Latest Transactions, click on the transaction you want to report.
  • Step 3: Click on “Report an Issue“.
  • Step 4: In the section, now select “Incorrect Merchant Info” and then tap on the “Merchant Name, Merchant Category, or Other Issue.

With this functionality, you can ensure that the fraudulent party dupes no other.

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Apple Pay Scam Email

Many scammers often target Apple users and try to get personal information or money from them. Here are the tactics that one should be beware of when surfing through your email-

  • You might receive phishing emails claiming to be a large brand or might even appear as though Apple is contacting you. 
  • You might receive emails masquerading as promotional offers with attractive prizes. 

The critical aspect similar to all these cases is that they are trying to derive personal details or ask for Apple payments. No Apple representative will ever ask you to divulge such information and ask for payment options.

Forward all such emails to reportphishing@apple.com.

How can I Avoid Scams and Frauds in Apple Pay?

  • Always do transactions with parties you’ve had a personal touch and interaction with.
  • Never accept payment reports from unknown individuals with who you’ve had no interactions.
  • Please go through all the payment details before sending or receiving them to a third party.

Is Apple Pay Protected by FDIC?

Yes, if your account is compromised or hacked by a third party, you are covered $250,000 under the FDIC insurance. However, it doesn’t cover fraud or getting scammed by a transaction party.

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Final Thoughts

You have now learned about the various ways you can fight and resolve a case of being scammed. The best way to deal with the situation is prevention and learn from your failure. Spread this essential information to everyone so that nobody gets scammed as you’ve been.