How To Get Unbanned From Gorilla Tag

Getting banned from a game like Gorilla Tag can be a disheartening experience, especially if you enjoy the social interaction and the unique gameplay it offers.

If you find yourself banned, it’s important to understand the ban’s reason and the proper steps to appeal or resolve the issue.

In this article, we will be showing you exactly how you can get unbanned in Gorilla Tag and keep enjoying it again.

Get Unbanned From Gorilla Tag

How To Get Unbanned From The Gorilla Tag?

To get unbanned in Gorilla Tag, you will have to review the ban notification, submit an appeal and wait for your appeal to get approved. If your ban is temporary then you can just wait it out.

1. Review The Ban Notification 

Carefully read any messages or emails you received regarding your ban. They may contain information about the duration of the ban, the reason behind it, and whether it’s temporary or permanent.

2. Wait Out A Temporary Ban 

If the ban is temporary, the simplest course of action is to wait for the ban duration to expire. Use this time to review your past actions to avoid future bans.

3. Submit An Appeal 

If you believe you were wrongfully banned or wish to appeal the decision, you should submit a formal appeal. This usually involves writing to the support or moderation team and providing a detailed explanation of your situation.

Be honest, courteous, and concise in your communication. You should include why you believe the ban is unjust and any evidence that supports your claim.

Submit an Appeal to get Unbanned From Gorilla Tag
  • Go to the Gorilla Tag Support Website.
  • Select Ban Appeal.
  • Log in to Create a Ticket.
  • Now, Fill out the form and submit it.

Note: Do not attempt to circumvent the ban by using alternate accounts, modifying hardware IDs, or other methods. This can lead to further action being taken against you and potentially extend the ban.