How To Fix Invalid DRM Error With DRM_Failed_License_Request

You might be getting the error, “invalid drm error with drm_failed_license_request” with your Firefox or Chromium when you try to access NBA.

The full error is “There was an error playing this video Please check your connection or try again if this problem persists, contact customer support with the following details” followed by “invalid drm error with drm_failed_license_request” followed by “Error Code 2003“.

In this guide, we will be talking about everything that you need to know about the error, why it is happening and how to solve it. 

What Is Drm_failed_license_request

DRM_Failed_License_Request is an error message that can appear when trying to watch DRM-protected content.

It can be caused by a system issue with the content provider, or due to settings in the browser such as not having the “Play DRM-controlled content” option enabled.

It can also be caused by incompatibility between the browser and the DRM system used.

Why Is The “Invalid DRM Error With DRM_Failed_License_Request” Error Happening?

The reason why this error, “invalid drm error with drm_failed_license_request” is happening is due to a system issue in NBA.

This issue is happening throughout almost all browsers and systems.

However, it is most prominent in Linux systems as Linux is not compatible with the NBA system and thus it is frequently getting issues in Linux.

How to Fix Invalid DRM Error With DRM_Failed_License_Request

You will be having issues in watching the NBA videos and while using the passes when you are faced with this error.

Even though you are not using Linux then also it can happen with other browsers for example, Firefox, Ubuntu, Brave and Edge.

There is very little information known about the error except that it happens due to the NBA system not being compatible with your system or browsers.

How To Fix “Invalid DRM Error With DRM_Failed_License_Request” Error

Currently, there is no definite solution for this issue as it is an error inside the system itself.

However, the NBA is trying their best to fix the issue so you can wait for some days till the issue gets fixed.

You can also try to access the site from other web browsers if the one you are using gets this issue.

You can also try using a different OS system other than Linux to check whether that solves the issue. 

For a speedy fix or to help the Technical team by giving them more information regarding the issue. You can contact the NBA Support team and communicate your issues to them.