How To See Hidden Information On Facebook?

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As the usage of the internet and social media platforms is increasing, there are also privacy and security concerns that one needs to look after. 

You must have heard about the Hidden information on Facebook.

It’s not a piece of information from Facebook or some secret code that you can use.

Don’t know what is hidden information on Facebook? 

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what is hidden information on Facebook, and how we can see hidden information on facebook’s marketplace in general and from an Android or iPhone.

Let’s get started 

What Is A Hidden Information On Facebook? 

Hidden information on the Facebook marketplace is a security standard feature for the different sellers who come to the Facebook marketplace to initiate their business or to expand it. 

This security standard allows the seller to hide its personal details like email, phone number, address, etc.

Quite often a seller hides this information to reduce the contact methods for the buyers.

Also, it’s not safe to make such sensitive information public 

How To See Hidden Information On Facebook?

Method 1: Switch The Way How You Access The Facebook Marketplace 

If you were trying to buy the product but couldn’t see the seller’s info or his/her phone number you can switch Facebook marketplace access.

This means if you are using the Facebook marketplace application, you can log in to the Facebook marketplace from Chrome and try accessing the hidden information of the seller.

For the users who are using the web version, you can download the Facebook marketplace application and then see if the hidden information is visible or not. 

Method 2: Ask For Details From The Seller 

Step 1: Open Facebook Marketplace 

Open your Facebook app on your mobile phone or desktop and then go to the Menu tab and then click on the first option which is “Marketplace” click on it. 

Step 2: Type The Product On The Search Bar 

Next, on the Facebook marketplace search for the product and then you will see a list of products and then tap on the product and click on “Ask For Details” 

You have to wait for some time to get a response but this is the simplest method you can follow to see the hidden information is to contact the person (to be precise the seller ) who has hidden the information.

How To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace?

Steps To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace:

Step 1: Log In To Your Facebook (Web Version) Account

Unlock your device and go to a web browser that you often use, type Facebook and open the web version of Facebook and then log in to your account. 

Step 2: Go To Facebook Marketplace 

Once done, go to your Facebook Marketplace from your home screen.

Make sure you have logged in to your Facebook marketplace. 

Step 3: Copy The Advertisement Link 

After that, from the product page that you are looking for, copy the advertisement or seller’s link, and you will see the “share” tab click on it. 

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Step 4: Open A New Tab On Your Web Browser 

Next, if you are using Chrome or another web browser just open a new tab, either click on the three dots or refresh the page. 

Step 5: Click On Desktop Site 

This is an important step that you cannot miss out is from the new tab click on the three vertical dots, and you will see a list of options, scroll down and you will see the option “Desktop Site” click on the box next to it, to enable the desktop site. 

Step 6: Paste The Link On The Search Bar 

After you have ticked the desktop site, on the new tab’s search bar, paste the link that you have copied from the Facebook marketplace. 

Step 7: Remove The Letters With M 

Lastly, on the pasted link, cut the www letter and type ‘m’ and then enter the link, it will take you to a page where you will see all the details of Facebook marketplace sellers. 

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How To See Hidden Phone Numbers On Facebook?

Method 1: Use Facebook Messenger 

Step 1: Go To Facebook Messenger 

From your device’s home screen click on the Facebook messenger icon to open the application.

If you have not downloaded the application you can download it from your google play store or app store. 

Step 2: Log In To Your Account

Once done, log in to your Facebook account or sign in for the ones who have recently downloaded the app. 

Step 3: Tap On Profile Picture

After you have logged in/signed up look for your profile picture it will be on the top right corner of the screen.

Click on it. 

Step 4: Select People

Next, you will see a list of options, pull down the page until you see the option “people” and tap on it. 

Step 5: Tap On Manage Contacts

Lastly, you will see the “Manage contacts” tab click on it to see the phone numbers you are searching for. 

Method 2: Use Toolkit For Facebook 

Step 1: Open Chrome 

Look for Chrome and type on the search bar “ ” and then log in to your account from the web version of Facebook. 

Step 2: Download The Extension Of Toolkit For Facebook 

Next, from chrome download the extension of ‘toolkit for Facebook or you can visit this link directly to download it

Step 3: Click On The Three Vertical Dots On Chrome 

After that, unzip the extracted file and go to chrome and click on the three vertical dots present on the top left side of the screen.

Step 4: Click On Tools

Next, from the list of options, click on “tools” and select “extensions”. 

Step 5: Toggle On The Developer Mode

After you have clicked on the extensions, you have to toggle on the developer mode and select “Load unpacked”. 

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Step 6: Browse The Folder That You Have Extracted 

Once done, search for the folder that you have extracted and then select it.

This will install the extension. 

Step 7: Click On The Tools Settings

Subsequently, you have to click on tools on the left side and then make changes with the settings and change the access from the full view to the compact view. 

Step 8: Tap On Getting The Public Phone Numbers Of Your Friends 

You will see a list of five options, select the last one on the right side which is “Get Public Phone Numbers of Your Friends”.

Check if you have already logged in or not to your Facebook account.

Step 9: Tap On The Green Bar 

When you are done logging in you will be taken back to this page to get the public phone numbers of your friends, and then you will see a green box, ” Start generating the list of phone numbers”. 

Lastly, after you click on it the phone number list will be downloaded in a CSV format and later on you can check out the number you are looking for.

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How To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace On Android?

Steps To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace On Android: 

Step 1: Open Facebook App

Unlock your Android phone and then go to the Facebook application and then tap on “Marketplace”.

Step 2: Copy The Listing 

Next, from the marketplace copy the URL of the product you are interested in or copy the listing. 

Step 3: Share The Product’s Address 

After that, scroll down the page and below the product, you will see the share tab, click on it and copy the address. 

Step 4: Go To Chrome 

Once done, look for Chrome on your home screen and open it. 

Step 5: Paste The Copied Link/Address 

Lastly, on the search bar, paste the link you have copied from the product’s page.

Before you do this, make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account on the web version. 

How To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace On IPhone?

Steps To See Hidden Information On The Facebook Marketplace On iPhone:

Step 1: Open The Facebook Marketplace On A Browser 

Click on a web browser you often use and then open the Facebook marketplace from the web browser.

Step 2: Copy The URL

Go to the page or the seller’s page whose hidden information you want to see, and copy the URL of that product or page

Step 3: Paste The Copied Link 

Next, the link you have copied paste it either send the link via email or paste it into your notepad or notes. 

Step 4: Click On The Link 

Lastly, you have to click on the link to open it, Facebook will direct you to the Facebook marketplace listing and you will be taken to the Facebook application where you can then see the hidden information. 

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Why Can’t I See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace?

It is because the seller has hidden the information or if you are using the web version it is the uncleared cache.

There are only a couple of major reasons why you are not able to see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace.

The reasons are : 

1. The Seller Has Hidden The Information

The first and foremost reason why you can see the hidden information on the Facebook marketplace is that the seller of that product has kept his or her information hidden. 

Just contact him/her from the Facebook marketplace “form” and ask them to view their details. 

2. You Have Not Cleared The Browser Cache

The second reason why you are facing this problem is that you have not cleared the browser cache, when there is an uncleared cache this will create a hurdle for you to access the information on the Facebook marketplace. 

We suggest that whenever you see your web version is not working efficiently, download the mobile application version: this will not restrict you to view the hidden information of a seller.

3. Facebook Couldn’t Detect

If you have followed the methodology of replacing www with m then it may work for some of you and may not work for some of you, for the ones for whom this did not work it is because Facebook couldn’t detect if it’s a user trying to access the URL with his/her mobile phone, this is one of the crucial reason why you couldn’t view the hidden information. 

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The hidden information is a security standard set by Facebook for its users and sellers in the Facebook marketplace, the information consists of their address, phone numbers, email and other details.

There are several sets of pairs that have been discussed above that can help you to see the hidden information on the Facebook marketplace.

If any of the methods don’t work for you, it is better you directly send a message to the seller from the Facebook marketplace “Contact form”, you have to wait for the response but this is a more secure and handy way, you can also visit the help center 

The methods given above on Android and iPhone can also be used interchangeably, in some methods you need to use your PC or MacBook as Facebook is very strict about its users’ privacy.

If someone has purposely hidden their information, it may be tough for you to extract their number and address. 

Nevertheless, you can try the above methods and they may surely give you the results that you are looking for.

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