How To Clear Facebook Cache?

clear facebook cache

Is it really necessary to clear the Facebook cache? Well, it is!

It is important that you clear the Facebook cache from time to time so that you may not face any shortage of storage space in your phone. 

If you don’t do so, then you may face a slow phone or app speed due to the accumulation of vast cache data within the Facebook app.

Emptying the Facebook cache is not a very tough task. It is quick and straightforward. In this writing, we have come up with all the significant information that you may require while attempting to erase the Facebook cache.

What Is A Facebook Cache?

The Facebook cache can be interpreted as the compilation of the data associated with your Facebook activities on the application, such as the pages you have visited or the links you have clicked.

The Facebook App stores the cache files on your device to save your internet data and to provide you with a better app experience by speeding up the performance.

For instance, when you open someone’s profile picture on the Facebook app, then it saves that image in the cache so that you may not need to download it again the next time you want to view it. Thus, this saves both data and time.

What Happens If You Clear Cache On Facebook?

If you clear the Cache on Facebook, then this would enhance the speed of the app as well as of your phone. This will not erase any of your personal content from your accounts, such as posts, photos, or videos.

Don’t worry. Clearing the Facebook cache will just reset the App, and this will not make you lose any of your Facebook friends. 

After clearing the cache, the Facebook app may consume a little more data and time for a while in loading the images, such as the profile pictures of your friends.

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In addition, removing the Facebook cache will also not sign you out of your Facebook account on your concerned device.

How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android?

Steps To Clear Facebook Cache On Android:

Step 1: Open Android Settings App

First of all, you will need to launch Settings on your Android device.

Step 2: Choose Apps

Now, you have to scroll down a bit and choose the Apps option.

Step 3: Find ‘Facebook’

Following this, you will be required to scroll downwards and pick up the Facebook alternative.

Step 4: Choose ‘Storage’

Now from the new menu that appears, choose the Storage option.

Step 5: Choose The Clear Cache Option

After this, under the storage menu, you can check the space used by cache within the app. It will be some hundreds of MBs.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the clear cache option on the right side. Tap on it to bring the cache space used to 0 Bytes.

How To Clear Facebook Cache On IPhone?

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Find Facebook App and click on that >> Tap on iPhone Storage >>  Tap on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall Facebook app.

Facebook cache will be cleared on iPhone.

How To Clear Facebook Cache On PC?

Well, it depends on the web browser you use on your PC. We are providing ways with which you can get rid of the Facebook cache on different browsers on your PC.

1. Clear Facebook Cache On Google Chrome

Step 1: Select Tools

Firstly, you will be required to pick the Tools alternative, and after that, you need to go for selecting the Options.

Step 2: Opt For Clear Browsing Data

Once done, you have to visit the “Under the Hood” tab and then opt for “Clear Browsing Data.”

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Step 3: Choose “Everything”

Now, you have to go for the Everything option.

Step 4: Tick-mark “Empty the cache.”

After this, you first need to un-tick all the marked alternatives and after that, make sure that “Empty the cache” is tick-marked.

Step 5: Clear The Browsing Data

Now to get rid of the Facebook cache, you will be required to choose the button saying “Clear Browsing Data.”

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2. Clear Facebook Cache On Internet Explorer

Step 1: Select Tools

First of all, you have to choose the Tools and then select the Internet Options.

Step 2: Erase The Browsing History

After this, you have to opt for the Delete option under the “Browsing History.”

Step 3: Check Preserver Favorites Option

Now, you will be required to unmark the above-mentioned alternative.

Step 4: Opt For Delete

Now, if you want to clear your Facebook cache, then click the Delete option.

3. Clear Facebook Cache On Firefox

Step 1: Press Alt

On your keyboard, you first need to press the Alt key so that the top menu may appear.

Step 2: Go To Tools

After this, you have to choose the Clear Recent History after selecting the Tools option from the menu.

Step 3: Choose “Everything”

Now, from the drop-down menu “Time range to clear,” choose “Everything.”

Step 4: Go To Details

You will find an arrow in front of Details. Click on it. 

Step 5: Check ‘Cache’ Box

After this, you have to uncheck all other alternatives and check the Cache box.

Step 6: Select “Clear Now”

Now, to erase the browser cache for all visited websites, including the Facebook site, select the Clear now alternative.

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Is It OK To Clear Cache On Facebook?

Yes, it is okay to erase the cache for the Facebook application. From pages liked to links clicked, the Facebook cache is like the unseen storage of your entire in-app activities. 

With time, the cache storage grows bigger in size, which ultimately starts affecting the speed of your device and of the app.

Therefore, you should frequently keep erasing it, especially when you need to have some extra space on your device or when your app starts acting strange.

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Does Clearing Cache On Facebook Delete Everything?

No, clearing the cache on Facebook will not cause any harm to your personal account information. It will just remove the temporary stored cache files/data.

It will not affect your login information as that will remain intact with the App.

All of your account posts, Facebook friends,  pictures, and other account-related information will still remain conserved, even after getting the cache on the Facebook application cleared.


We have furnished in this article all the different possible aspects of clearing the Facebook cache on various devices such as Androids, iPhones, or on PC. We hope that you find reading this write-up worthwhile.

Generally, you can leave the Facebook cache as it is. This will not have much effect on your app experience.

But in certain cases, like while troubleshooting your app-related issues, you may need to erase the Facebook cache data.

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