How To Fix HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing

Is your HBO Max character icon not showing when you are trying to set your character icons?

If that is the case then you are not the only one because there are other users who are also facing the same issue.

In this article we will be discussing the reason why that is happening and what can you do to solve that issue.

What Causes HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing

Currently, many users are facing the issue where they are not able to change their profile pictures into one of the characters from HBO Max.

Whenever they try to change it the picture turns dark.

Maybe that is what is happening with you too.

We don’t have any solid evidence about why this is happening, however, it is presumed to be a bug in the system.

HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing

On user write on Reddit, “When I try to change a profile’s avatar and go to choose your character, it just shows black circles, If I pick one, the character will appear, but you have to go one by one, Is this happening to anyone else?

How To Fix HBO Max Character Icons Not Showing

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Noe that you know that the issue is happening due to a bug in the system, what can you do? There are actually a few things that you can try. Let’s take a deeper look to see those.

1. Close Your HBO Max And Re-open

You can close your HBO streaming platform for some time and then again open it and try to set your character icon.

You can check if that solved the issue.

2.  Contact The HBO Max Support Team

The other option that you can try is to directly contact the HBO Max Support Team and tell them about your issue.

Many users had been able to solve this issue after they have been helped by HBO Customer support.

The users have reported that the developers were able to help them set their character icons.

Profile Character Pictures Not Appearing

One user wrote on Reddit,

I think this is part of the reason they are moving to a new platform for the upcoming app is because of this. This was supposed to be a new platform and it still struggles to render show/movie artwork or they could have abandoned doing any more work on it
apart from security updates as they work on the new app.