What Does “gg Sans” Font Look Like On Discord

gg sans is Discord new custom font which began updating all fonts across Discord Desktop app, Mobile app and blog from December 1, 2022.

Now, full Discord platform including website, application will use gg sans as their typeface.

In this guide we will discuss about gg sans font look like on Discord.

What Does “gg Sans” Font Look Like On Discord?

In “gg sans”, lowercase “g” is an ode to gaming origins.

“gg” is abbreviation of “good games” which is frequently used on Discord platform.

“gg” also built into Discord company’s foundation, since they use discord.gg in all of their shared links.

Check below what Discord gg sans font looks like.

As Discord will replace Whitney font to new gg sans font as new typeface.

As we put it below for references:

Whitney is in full white, new font(gg sans) is in gray.

Discord Gg Sens Font Not Working Or Showing

You don’t need to do anything to get Discord gg sens new font.

Simply update the Discord app to latest version to get new gg sens font.

If you are Discord website then nothing to do.

You will automatically get Discord new gg sens font.

Also, currently gg sens font is not open source; that’s why you can’t use in your own projects.

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