How To Get Rid Of Ring Flash On Snapchat

Frequently, Snapchat rolls out new features to enhance the app’s user interface.

Snapchat has developed a variety of features throughout time to enhance user interaction.

In the midst of this, the platform has also created several filters that many users like.

In this guide, we will talk about ring flash feature.

Some peoples are loving this feature and some didn’t like this.

So, we will guide you how to get rid of ring flash on Snapchat.

What Is Ring Flash On Snapchat?

The Ring Flash enhances the display’s outside borders of your phone, allowing you to change its color temperature and intensity.

Ring Flash on Snapchat
Source: YouTube | LoFi Alpaca

How To Turn ON Ring Flash On Snapchat?

Steps to Turn ON Ring Flash On Snapchat:

Step 1: Open Snapchat App

First to enable to ring flash, open Snapchat app on your device either Android or iPhone.

Step 2: Switch To Front Facing Camera

Now, Switch to Front facing camera if back camera is ON or Make sure Front facing camera is ON.

Step 3: Tap On Flash Icon

Now, Tap on Flash icon which is located on top right of screen.

Step 4: Select Ring Light

On iPhone device, You can alternate between “Regular” and “Ring” toggles.

On Android device, ring flash feature will appear automatically with flash color button and rightness slider.

Drag the slider to expand or contract the ring flash area.

Or Once chosen, you can easily adjust the ring light to your preference by raising or lowering it.

Even the color tone may be altered. It now comes in three color tones: neutral, warm, and cool.

Step 5: Ring Flash Will Turn ON Successfully

Now, Ring Flash turned ON successfully.

You can now use ring flash feature.

How To Get Rid Of Ring Flash On Snapchat?

To get rid of ring flash on Snapchat, Simply tap on Flash Icon on right side of app >> Ring Flash feature will be Turned OFF.

Ring Flash Not Showing On Snapchat

Ring Flash is not showing on Snapchat because you have not updated the Snapchat app to latest version.

If pressing the flash button only toggles it between on and off, the ring flash feature is not yet available in your Snapchat app.

If so, all you need to do is calm, make sure your Snapchat app is up to date, and wait for your phone to get ring flash feature.

Although it’s unknown how quick Snapchat will make the ring flash feature available to users, it should come soon.