How To Get Free Robux

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Imagine all the cool game stuff you can buy with the virtual currency on the Roblox gaming platform, Robux?

And, what if you didn’t have to pay for the Robux? What if you get them for free?

You can go on a Robux splurge to buy in-game items that you have been meaning to buy for a long long time.

In this article, we will discuss how to get free Robux.

How To Get Free Robux?

1. Designing Your Own Roblox Game

Do you have the hidden quality of developing an exciting game that will be enjoyed by others??

The most famous method for procuring Robux is by creating a game on Roblox.

On the gaming platform, gamers build games for other gamers.

Building a game that every Roblox user will love requires basic skills in developing a game, information about Lua (coding language), creativity, and the ability to understand what the other users will love to play.

The last ability is significant as the more players (and a specific number of Premium players) play your game and keep coming back to it, the more Robux you will earn for free.

2. Microsoft Rewards

You can spend some time trying to earn Microsoft rewards to get your hands on some free Robux.

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Here is how you can do that-

  • Access your Microsoft account or sign up to create a fresh one. 
  • On the Microsoft dashboard, you will notice plenty of activities for you to try.
  • Attempt some of these activities, and earn Microsoft coins.
  • To collect these counts and earn something from them, tap on the “Redeem” option.
  • Then on the search bar, search for Roblox and then tap on “Roblox Digital Code”.
  • You will discover how many Microsoft points you need to get your hands on Robux. So, you can continue earning more Microsoft coins, and searching on Google daily to keep up the search streaks. 

3. A Premium Roblox Membership

This might be an expensive way that will lead you to spend some money, but buying a premium membership does have its benefits.

Roblox presents its users with a specific amount of Robux to its Premium members every 30/31 days. 

  • Premium membership Roblox members who pay $4.99, earn 40 Robux every month.
  • Premium membership Roblox members who pay $199.99, earn 12,500 Robux every month.

4. Designing In-Game Clothes/Items

If you are a game developer with the skills of designing items for an existing game that you think that the players will require and purchase, you can earn Robux through that too.

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You will also need a few premium members to buy your item according to Roblox’s terms.

5. Make Your Own Roblox Gamepass

A Roblox game developer with a Gamepass can make special passes that when bought by a Roblox user with the help of Robux, give them access to a restricted special area in a game, exclusive in-game items, or a permanent opportunity to power up.

You can make a Robux for free, and can also set the number of Robux a fellow user requires to buy it.

As a game developer, you will have to present Roblox with a 30% fee.

For example, if a gamer has to pay 300 Robux for your Roblox game pass, you will receive 210 Robux if someone buys your Roblox Gamepass.

A Roblox Gamepass is a great way to earn free Robux if you are a talented game developer. 

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You can get free Robux in various ways like by designing your own Roblox game, Microsoft Rewards, by a premium Roblox membership, by designing In-Game clothes/items, by making your own Roblox gamepass.

There is plenty of both simple and a little complicated way to earn Roblox’s virtual currency, Robux.

Robux can be a great way to enhance your gaming experience on the Roblox gaming platform.

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You can now try all these ways to earn Robux without playing for them.

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