10 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

Bitcoin Mining has always had the perception of being a costly process. However, there are many free software through which you can try Bitcoin Mining. Find out what they are here: 

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

With the rising demand and worth of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, it has become a goal for many people to earn as many bitcoins as possible. Cryptocurrency is a great means of growing rich if you have the right patience and knowledge required.

Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, can be regarded as electronic money. Cryptocurrency can be used just like physical currency for buying goods and trading.

To earn Bitcoins, you can either buy them directly with the money you have or you can get them from others in exchange for goods or services. There is another way of earning bitcoin which is by the method of mining them. Check out the free Bitcoin mining sites below.

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is a process due to which new bitcoins are added into the circulation of these coins. This process is used to mine out the existing bitcoins by miners.

When mining is done, the cryptocurrency is mined out in the form of blocks. The miners are rewarded in bitcoins for their efforts and thus it is a useful process of earning bitcoins. You can either mine Bitcoin for a cost or through free Bitcoin mining sites.

10 Best Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

The process of mining the bitcoins is tedious and hard, pretty much like digging out actual gold. This process requires effort and planning well before getting into it.

When mining, the miners don’t have to verify multiple Bitcoin transactions simultaneously, as opposed to a single Bitcoin transaction. The Blockchain, which can be called a ledger, records all these transactions and locks them with hashes. Miners try to find out the key to open these boxes and verify the transactions. 

But to enable this, miners have to solve complicated puzzles to find the correct key. The process is tedious but if a miner is successful, they are rewarded. At the time of writing, the reward for solving one block of transactions is 6.25 BTC. 

Some sites allow the users to mine bitcoin but here we refer to some of them which allow the miners to mine bitcoins for free.

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1. EasyMiner

EasyMiner is one of the best free Bitcoin mining sites for Windows, Android, and Linux. This site does the configuration of your Bitcoin miner automatically. The usage of the site is very clear and transparent. It has a highly intuitive and concise dashboard, performance graphs that help in visualizing the mining process easily.

2. BTCMiner

BTCMiner is a Bitcoin miner that is available as open-source, therefore makes this one of the best free Bitcoin mining sites. This site can interface with the USB and that is helpful for communication. This kind of interface reduces the requirement of any additional hardware. “BTCMiner” has a fully automated process in the system. 

3. MinePeon 

MinePeon” is another Bitcoin miner that is available as open-source and provides considerable performance and stability. Post-installation on the system, configure the software, and let the mining happen on its own. The usage of “MinePeon” requires minimum human interaction. 

4. BFGMiner 

If you are looking for an ASIC miner, this is it! The most important features of “BFGMiner” are monitoring and dynamic clocking. The GPU present inside is multi-threaded and this adds to the power of the BFGMiner. The free mining software has also included support for the OpenWrt-compatible routers. 

5. CGMiner

Another ASIC miner and multithreaded GPU Bitcoin miner, CGMiner can be operated on both Linux and Windows. The software is lightweight, easy to use, and provides considerable hash rates. 

6. 50Miner

50Miner is another GUI frontend miner that can be used on Windows. To use this software for mining all a miner needs is a username and a password. The software starts the mining process automatically with the use of optimal hardware settings. This is one of the free Bitcoin mining sites that work well for advanced Bitcoin mining applications too.

7. Kryptex Miner

Kryptex Miner is an application that runs on Windows that detects and mines the coin that is most profitable. The tool is easy to get started with, just download the “Kryptex” app for free, create an account and start mining. The major advantage of “Kryptex” is that you can mine remotely on it. Note that the minimum amount to withdraw from Kryptex is $0.5

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8. Cudo Miner 

Another free mining software tool, “Cudo Miner” has advanced GPU and CPU powers to mine easily. The features on “Cudo Miner” are elaborate, and it is hard to find such variety in any other free Bitcoin mining software. Similar to some of the above miners, you can mine remotely as well as view stats readily including hash rates, revenues, etc. The software is completely free to use. 

9. MultiMiner 

MultiMiner free-to-use Bitcoin mining software is best for beginners who want to try out Bitcoin mining. The platform works best on Windows and also on Mac and Linux although it may require installation of some additional software at times. You can access the mining remotely, and “MultiMiner” also provides options to select the technique of mining you want to use. According to the mining hardware you connect to it, you can choose what coins you can mine. 

10. Awesome Miner 

Awesome Miner is one of the most powerful free Bitcoin mining sites out there, and it can support a variety of mining hardware. The interface is easy for a beginner and also provides a one-place convenient option to track the performance of different cryptocurrencies. The dashboard shows the specifics of your hardware including the temperature, health condition, etc. The “Awesome Miner” is compatible with all ASIC devices. 

Final Thoughts – Free Bitcoin Mining Sites 

These are a few of the Bitcoin mining sites you must check out! It is necessary to know about the cryptocurrency you are investing your time, money, and efforts in so that you can make the best from it. Trying out any of these free Bitcoin mining sites to get to mine bitcoins can be a great method to earn some bitcoins without having to put your money into the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mining Bitcoins Worth It?

Yes definitely, this process was easier and comparatively more profitable for the people who used to mine years ago when bitcoin just emerged but it is still very useful and profitable for the one who is looking to grow in this world of cryptocurrency.

How Many Bitcoins Are Left?

The supply of Bitcoins is limited to twenty-one million.

There are only 21 million bitcoins that are available to be mined in total. Once the miners have mined this number of bitcoins, the supply will be exhausted.

There are currently about 18,762,968.75 bitcoins in existence, this number keeps changing.

How Many Bitcoins Are Mined In A Day?

On average about 144 blocks of bitcoins are mined per day. In each of the blocks, there are about 6.25 bitcoins. Therefore, 144 x 6.25 = 900. Thus the average amount of new bitcoins mined per day is about nine hundred.

Can Bitcoins Ever Become Worthless?

Yes, such a thing can happen as there are currencies that have failed and those which are no longer used. Although it’s not as easy for Bitcoin to lose worth as it has been for other currencies, it is not impossible as no currency is fully reliable.

Is It Good To Use Free Bitcoin Mining Sites?

Bitcoin is one of the hardest cryptocurrencies to mine. Therefore, it is almost impossible to mine Bitcoin through any of the free sites. However, if you are curious about how mining works, these free Bitcoin mining sites are the best place, to begin with. 

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