Fix: Unsupported Chain Id Error PancakeSwap

unsupported chain id error pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain which allows users to upload pictures of pancakes, rate them, and connect with other pancake enthusiasts.

Unfortunately due to an error during our last update, we have lost all users’ trust tokens. It looks like they will not be able to use the app until we track down the issue and repay them.

What is An Unsupported Chain Id Error?

Unsupported chain id error is one of the most popular errors investors using PancakeSwap Exchange usually experience.

An unsupported Chain Id error appears when a user connects his Trust wallet account to the PancakeSwap exchange. This error in PancakeSwape will be solved simply by changing the blockchain from Ethereum to Binance.

Why is an Unsupported Chain Id error displayed in PancakeSwap?

As earlier stated, an Unsupported Chain Id error is displayed when the user tries to use Ethereum Blockchain in the PancakeSwap Exchange instead of the Binance blockchain. 

For Example
UniSwap has formulated a decentralized exchange (DEX) for all Ethereum tokens, and currently, it isn’t easy to trade tokens established on the Binance blockchain, e.g., BNB.

The same problem applies to Ethereum network tokens, like Shiba Inu on the PancakeSwap Exchange.

How to Fix “Unsupported Chain Id Error on PancakeSwap“?

After an “Unsupported Chain ID error” arises when connecting the Trust Wallet to the PancakeSwap exchange, users of PancakeSwap wrongly think the Trust Wallet has developed a problem and are concerned about it.

Remember, we’ve established that this unsupported chain id error happens when the user has intentions of connecting to PancakeSwap exchange through the Ethereum blockchain., and by remaking the blockchain to become Binance, this issue will have a lasting solution.

Yes, you might want to know “what big discrepancy exists between this Ethereum and Binance blockchain?

It’s quite simple, the programming precept for Ethereum tokens is ERC-20, while Binance tokens are BEP-2 and BEP-20. This is the basic difference between the tokens, and it is not authorized to transfer  Ethereum tokens into the Binance blockchain and vice versa!

Connecting Trust Wallet To PancakeSwap Without Unsupported Chain Id Error:

Since we’ve known the solution to the Unsupported Chain Id error, here’s a breakdown of how you can connect your Trust wallet without seeing this error appear again.

Step 1: Arrive at the Trust Wallet software and choose PancakeSwap from the DApps category.

Step 2: Tap on the Ethereum logo on the page to display all the available blockchains. 

Step 3: Select the Binance blockchain from the list displayed.

Step 4: Connect the Trust Wallet by clicking on the “Wallet Connect button.

Step 5: You will be prompted that the process has been completed.

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We expect that by reading this content, you will be knowledgeably grounded in how to deal with the unsupported chain id error in Pancakeswap while connecting your Trust wallet.

Remember to consult the steps above if you experience any issues connecting your Trust wallet account.