How To Fix “Unable To Save Image Preview” On Discord

Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.

Unfortunately, some users facing issue that they are unable to save image preview.

Are you also getting error “Unable to Save Image Preview”.

No worries! Few other users also getting same error.

In this guide, we will explain why does “unable to save image preview” error occurred and how to fix it.

Why Does “Unable To Save Image Preview” Error Occurred?

Unable to Save Image Preview error occurred on Discord because you don’t have stable internet connection.

Alternatively, there is some bug/ glitch in Discord.

Unable to Save Image Preview Discord

Many users reported on various forums about the issue:

“So I’ve recently been having an incredibly annoying issue on discord where I can’t copy or save an image on the desktop app. I’ve already completely reinstalled the application, to no avail.”

“This has been a problem for a couple weeks now while using the desktop app. As the title says, every time I attempt to copy an image in the app, it comes up with the error message “Unable to copy image preview”. Is this a problem with a new update, or something wrong on my end?”

“Recently my Discord refuses to work. Any and all images I try to copy/save automatically result in either “error – unable to save image preview” or “error – unable to copy image preview”. I’ve logged out then back in, restarted my PC, completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Discord and then restarted my PC again, and still nothing. I literally have no clue what else to do. This is driving me absolutely insane.”

“I right click on the image in discord, it brings up the menu that says “copy image” or “save image” etc, but when I click on “copy image” it just gives me a little pop up window that says “Error unable to copy image preview” this is a completely new problem and I have no idea why it started.”

How To Fix “Unable To Save Image Preview” On Discord?

To fix “Unable to Save Image Preview” on Discord, Press ALT + F4 on your keyboard >> Lunch Discord again >> Right click on image >> Tap on copy image >> image will be saved successfully.

Other Solutions recommended by other users on forums:

“Lunch Discord >> Right click on image >> Tap on Open Link >> Image will be open in new tab >> Right click on image >> save the image >> image will be saved successfully.”

“I’m not sure what’s causing that, but couldn’t you just open the full image and save it? Sure it’ll most likely be higher res/size, but if you just want to get an image saved, it’s at least a workaround for now.”

After that update Discord to latest version if available.

If still getting Unable to Save Image Preview issue then wait for sometime till the issue is fixed by Discord team.

You can also connect with Discord support team:

You can also tag Discord handle @Discord on Twitter.