Fix: TikTok Temporarily Suspended

tiktok temporarily suspended

TikTok is a popular social networking service that allows its users to create short videos of around 15 seconds to 10 minutes duration. The app works competently with both Android and iOS.

TikTok has been actively used by over 100 million monthly users in the U.S. as of early 2022. It mostly attracts the 16-24 age group people.

Users can add different filters and their desired music in the background of their videos. They can also add their original audio over it.

The TikTok mobile app also facilitates direct messaging where users can send messages, videos, and emojis to their friends. On accounts with followers above 100,000, a ‘Tip’ button can also be activated.

An average TikTok user opens the app  17 times daily to watch, upload, and share videos related to entertainment, dance, jokes, tricks, stunts, pranks, food, and much more.

If TikTok users find any content on the platform as spam or inappropriate, then they can report or block the account.

TikTok Temporarily Suspended

Accounts on TikTok can be suspended temporarily or permanently as a penalty. This generally happens if a user’s TikTok videos go against the community guidelines. 

A user may have knowingly or unknowingly posted something through a video that violates the TikTok rules.

TikTok account suspension can happen due to several reasons. Posting faulty content that does not follow the terms and conditions of TikTok is the major reason behind an account ban or suspension.

Therefore, it is advised that before posting any video on TikTok, read the TikTok guidelines completely. And make sure that your video is not covering anything inappropriate.

What Does Temporarily Suspended Mean?

If TikTok bots find something suspicious or toxic for viewers in your posted videos, then your account may get suspended temporarily or even permanently.

A temporary account suspension indicates the user’s inability to upload any live videos. It can happen due to several possible reasons.

Sometimes TikTok account suspension can be due to a copyright violation issue also. Parents of under 13 users can also report your questionable video on TikTok in their child’s interest.

Why Did My TikTok Get Temporarily Banned?

If your TikTok account is temporarily banned or suspended, then you don’t need to worry much. TikTok will reactivate the services on your account after a short time. But you should understand the reasons that caused or may cause the account ban.

Some of the significant reasons for Temporarily TikTok ban are as follows:

Reason 1: Your Video Promotes Terrorism

If any of your posted TikTok videos promotes or supports a Terrorist or any Terrorist organization, either deliberately or by mistake, your TikTok account will get suspended.

Reason 2: Your Video Promotes Violence

If your TikTok video shows something related to criminal or domestic violence, then it can be reported and, therefore, may lead to account suspension.

Reason 3: Your Video Shows Weapons

If your video content displays weapons or promotes their use, then it may be considered against the community guidelines. So, to prevent an account ban avoid using or portraying any weapons in your TikTok videos.

Reason 4: Drug-Related Content

Involving such content in your videos that promotes the use of drugs is considered illegal. Therefore, it may become a reason for your TikTok account ban.

Reason 5: Animal Abuse

TikTok users generally report videos that show animal abuse and animal slaughter. If your video gets reported found to be violating the community guidelines, then be ready for your account suspension.

Reason 6: Hate Speeches

If the content of your TikTok video encourages hatred against politicians and political parties, ethnic and religious groups, or any other community, then it can lead to an account ban.

Reason 7: Bullying Videos

If your TikTok account contains any videos that promote or display bullying, then your account can be temporarily banned. 

Reason 8: Harassment Videos

Tiktok videos portraying or promoting child abuse and harassment toward women are not allowed to be episodes. So, if you post any such content, then your account will be banned.

Reason 9: Sexual Content

If your TikTok videos contain some kind of sexual content or portray nudity, then those will be considered breaking the community guidelines. And if reported or caught, then they can cause TikTok account suspension.

Reason 10:  Age Limit 

While applying for a TikTok account, a user’s age must be at least 13 years. If you are below this age limit, then your account will get banned.

Reason 11: Copyright Violation

If you have used any copyrighted music or video while going live on TikTok, then it will be considered a copyright violation. Therefore, using such videos and music in TikTok live videos will lead to an account ban.

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How To Get Back A Temporarily Suspended TikTok Account?

If your TikTok account is banned or suspended due to some reason and you want to recover it, then you can do so by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Open The TikTok App.

First of all, launch the TikTok App on your iPhone or Android phone. Now, sign in to your TikTok account by entering your user name and password.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile Page.

Now, Tap on the “My” icon after getting access to your account panel. You will find it in the bottom right corner of your screen. In this way, you will get to your profile page.

Step 3: Go To Privacy And Settings Menu

On your profile page, you can find three vertically aligned dots. Now, access your account’s Privacy and Settings Page by tapping on those three dots.

Step 4: Report The Problem

After this, select the “About” tab and then tap the “Report a Problem” button. There you will see a list of commonly asked questions by other users to get help from TikTok support.

Search that question from the list which resembles your problem the most and tap on it.

You can also report the problem you are facing to the respective TikTok branch. Along with this, try providing your feedback.

If the above-mentioned steps do not help you get back your account, then try contacting the e-mails given below for a quick response.

Otherwise, tweet TikTok on @tiktokcreators 

How Long Is Temporarily Suspended On TikTok?

If your account is temporarily suspended on TikTok, then the following cases may arrive.

Case 1: Temporary Account Suspension

If you have committed some minor guideline violation on TikTok, then your account will get suspended temporarily. This type of suspension will last for 24 hours. You cannot go live during this period.

Case 2: Account Suspended Currently

In this type of suspension, while logging into your account, you receive the message: Your Account is currently suspended.

In this case, your username, likes, following, or followers are not visible as they get replaced by signs.

This happens in the case of some major offence. To get the account back, in this case, a TikTok user may need to wait for around 7-14 days.

Case 3: Minor Offense

This case is similar to the case of temporary suspension. In case of not so serious offence, you can get your account recovered in 24 hours.

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How to Fix “TikTok Account Temporarily Suspended Can’t Log In”

If your TikTok Account is temporarily suspended and you are not able to log into your account, then this can be due to some fault in entering your age on the signup page of the TikTok app.

To solve this issue, you need to go to the TikTok website and make an account. Make sure to mention your age accurately, and it should be 13 years or more.

If you are younger than 13 years, you should wait till you attain this minimum required age for holding a TikTok account. The faulty age can make your account disabled permanently.

In case your account is disabled permanently, you should contact TikTok support for help. This may or may not result in your favour.

Your Account is Temporarily Suspended Due To Multiple Violations Of Our Community Guidelines

Tiktok App has provided community guidelines for its users that must not be violated in any case. All the Tiktok users are expected to follow those community guidelines while creating and posting videos on TikTok.

If, in one or more videos, a TikTok creator repeatedly violates one or more community guidelines, then the concerned account will get temporarily suspended. And in most cases, the user has to face permanent suspension also.

After getting their TikTok accounts back, when the suspension expires after one or two weeks, such users should strictly post and behave according to the community guidelines. 

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TikTok has received huge popularity among the younger generation in a very short time. With the frequently arriving TikTok trends and their growing use for business purposes, there is a great possibility for its further expansion.

But while handling your TikTok accounts, you should be very careful and should strictly adhere to the community guidelines. Otherwise, you may have to bear the penalty of account suspension.