Fix: This Message Is Not Available On This App

This Message Is Not Available On This App

Are you getting “message unavailable: this message is not available on this app”?

There are over a billion Facebook Messenger users around the globe. Facebook has been reaching massive heights over the past few years and has been adding features to all its applications. 

Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging service app used by almost 75% of people.

Many users have been reporting about the message that appears with the text ‘this message is unavailable on this app.’ 

The full error is “message unavailable: this message is not available on this app“.

Don’t worry if you think your phone has grown outdated for a message to be viewed. Curious to know more about this message?

This article will cover what the text message means, why it appears and how you can go about fixing it. Let’s get started. 

What Does “This Message Is Not Available On This App” Mean? 

‘This message is not available on this app’ means that you will not be able to view the sent message on the Facebook Messenger app.

The message often appears in the text of ‘this message is unavailable on this app.’ 

This Message Is Not Available On This App messenger

It does not mean your device is incompatible with the message that has been sent by another Facebook messenger user.

It happens either when the message has been deleted by the sender, or the sender has disabled his or her messenger account. 

Also, there are other reasons why this occurs. There is no fault of the messenger app.

There may be a chance that your messages have been blocked by the other user, and so that you don’t reply, the last sent message is invisible to you under the heading “this message is not available on this app.” 

Why Does Messenger Say “This Message Is Not Available On This App”? 

The account is deactivated, or there is a technical glitch. This message is not available on this app” happens because of a couple of reasons. They are: 

1. Deactivated Account

If someone on messenger has deactivated their account and they had sent a message before they deactivated their account.

It won’t be visible to you as they have temporarily deactivated their account and hence the “message is not available on this app” will appear. 

2. Blocked Messages

Messenger has a feature for its users where they can “block” messages from someone.

Therefore, sadly, if they have blocked your messages on Messenger, then you may receive the message that the message is not available on this app. 

3. Blocked Contact

When someone tends to block another Facebook messenger user, their sent message will be invisible to you, and the error message will appear.

 In another case, it may be because the person has disabled his or her account completely, and hence all their messages will be under the above heading.

4. Deleted Message  

Most importantly, the above message occurs when someone has ‘deleted the message’ they have sent from their messenger account.

And thereby, when you try to view the (deleted)message, it comes within a bar with the heading “this message is unavailable on this app.”

Do not misunderstand. It was Facebook Messenger that restricted the message from being viewed. It’s very rare to happen.

5. Server Issues

At times, it is the server issue on the other side of your side, the server may be down due to heavy traffic or other reasons, and hence the message will appear. 

How To Fix “This Message Is Not Available On This App” On Messenger?

Fix 1: Clear The Messenger App Cache 

Most of the time, ‘this message is unavailable on this app’ may occur when you have a pile of uncleared cache and data. 

  • Long tap on the messenger icon from your home screen, and you will see a list of other messenger users and an “i” icon, click on it. 
  • Next, open the storage tab and then click on the third option, which is ” Cache.” When you tap on it, on the bottom right of the screen, you will see the “clear cache” icon. Simply click on it. 

You can also go to the phone settings and then tap on apps and click on messenger and then clear the app cache.

Fix 2: Update Messenger App To Latest Version

Next, most of you may think the other person has not blocked your or deleted their FB messenger account.

You may tend to think it’s for some other reason; It can be a bug or a glitch and updating the application can resolve it for you. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Apps do not take updates by themselves, and to fix any bug or a glitch, you should always take an update on your current mobile phone, be it an Android or an iPhone. 
  • Go to the google play store or app store(for iPhone) and check if you have any updates. If yes, then immediately install the update and then check if the message is visible to you or not. 

Fix 3: Switch Your Network Connection 

Sometimes it is because of a poor internet connection that you are not able to view the sent message.

If you have noticed, the error message is pretty similar to the message you receive when we have a poor internet connection on WhatsApp. 

Suppose you are using Mobile data on your device. It is suggested you should try switching it to a good wifi connection and do the same if you are using a wifi network.

You can also use a hotspot connection which has a good speed. 

Fix 4: Use The Messenger Lite App 

If the above fixes don’t work, you can install the messenger lite app from your google play store or apple’s app store. 

The name lite denotes its stripped version of the original messenger. It makes it more convenient for people to send instant messages and pictures to their (Facebook) contacts.

Therefore, you can use this app to check if the above message still persists on your messenger chat.

Fix 5: Contact Messenger Support 

It is always better if you contact Facebook messenger support when you are not able to resolve the issue even after following the other fixing methods.

Messenger has no direct support page.

You can visit this link and write to them about your issue if it’s happening with more than two chats.

They will surely resolve your problem. 

NOTE  – Avoid doing this if you are not sure if the other person has deleted the account or blocked your messages.  


By now, you must be familiar that it is not a serious error message but a text message you receive when you are having a poor internet connection, the server is down, or someone has disabled their account or blocked you.

Also, if the sent message has been deleted by the sender, you will get this message. 

You can try the above fixes to view the unavailable message on your Facebook messenger.

If you cannot view it after trying different methods, then you can conclude that the sender has disabled their account or blocked your contact.

Sadly, you can not ask them to make the message visible to you if they have blocked your contact.