How To Delete Messenger Account Without Facebook Account?

delete messenger account

Facebook and Messenger accounts can be such an addiction for anyone from any age group.

Messenger when it was launched, was widely used by people, even people who did not have an account on Facebook signed up to Facebook to have a Messenger account. 

Now there may be some people who want to delete their messenger account for their personal issues but are not able to for some reasons. 

In this article, we will sort all your doubts about why you are not able to delete your messenger account and how you can go about deleting your Messenger account. Let’s get started. 

Can You Delete A Messenger Account Without A Facebook Account? 

No, you cannot delete a Messenger account without logging into your Facebook account.

This is because your Messenger account is linked with your Facebook account, and to use Messenger, you will have to log in to Facebook.

As for the user who has linked their messenger account with their FB account, you cannot directly delete your messenger account without your FB account.

You can only “deactivate it or turn off the chats.” 

Facebook and Messenger are linked to each other, if you have deactivated your Facebook account, your Messenger may still work, and the same may apply to your Messenger account when you deactivate it.

However, this is a rare case where you can deactivate your messenger account without Facebook.  

Hence, we cannot give a complete and assured “yes” as the answer for the deletion of your messenger account without a Facebook account.

You can try out the steps given above and see if it works without deactivating your Facebook account.

If you see it does not work, then you will get to know how Facebook and Messenger are tied up to each other.

If you can successfully delete your messenger account without an FB account, then it’s only because you have not linked (or signed up to messenger) with your FB account. 

What Happens When You Delete A Messenger Account?

Your profile will not be visible to any other user on the platform. When you have deleted your messenger account, the following things will happen to your account: 

  • Your Profile Picture will be removed, and it will be placed with an outline of a grey person. 
  • The username will be replaced with “Facebook User,” or your username will not be valid when someone tries to tap on it. 
  • No one will be able to access your account from the search bar. If someone types your name on Messenger’s search bar, then there will be no results shown.
  • The person will receive an error message once you have deleted your messenger account, and if any person tries to send a message to you, they will encounter error messages on their typing bar. 
  • No messages will be sent to your account, even if another messenger user successfully sends a message to your messenger. However, the message will not be sent or received by you. 

And deleting your messenger account will not delete the sent messages. It will still be stored in another person’s account. 

How Long Does It Take To Delete A Messenger Account?

It takes roughly 90 days to completely delete a messenger account from the servers (of Facebook). 

If you try to log in to your Messenger or your Facebook account within the time-lapse of thirty days, your deletion request will be canceled. 

And then your account will NOT be deleted. Avoid getting back into the messenger app for a complete ninety days. After 3 months, your account would be wiped out from the servers.  

What Does A Deleted Messenger Account Look Like?

When you have deleted a messenger account, the deleted account will not have a profile picture, and when somebody tries to send them a message, they encounter the text of “This person is unavailable on Messenger.”  

Often you will see the username (of the deleted account) as “Facebook User” and not their actual username. Do not misunderstand that someone has blocked you.

Check out if you can still send them a message before jumping to this conclusion. 

In addition, you may receive an error message while trying to access a deleted messenger account user. The error message will be “this content isn’t available right now.”

Does Deleting Messenger Deletes All Messages? 

No, deleting your messenger will not delete all your messages. They can still be viewed by the other person to whom you have sent the messages via Messenger. 

Until and unless prior to deleting your messenger account, you have deleted the conversation with every contact individually.

Then only all your messages will be deleted on both sides. Other than that, there is no method to delete your sent messages once you have deleted your Messenger account. 

Why Can’t You Delete My Messenger Account? 

You cannot delete your messenger account due to the fact that your Messenger account is directly linked to your Facebook account, and there are factors that determine the deletion process for messenger. 

There are a couple of reasons why you are not able to delete your Messenger Account:

1. Facebook Account

If you have made your messenger account from your Facebook account (details), then you cannot directly delete your messenger account. 

To delete your messenger account, you have to also delete your Facebook account. 

2. Recovery Feature

When you have enabled the recovery feature on your messenger, it will easily (keep on) recover your account once you have entered the password and tried to delete the account.

To delete your messenger account, make sure you have disabled this feature. 

3. Waiting Days

You must have deleted your Facebook account, too, just to delete your messenger account.

You cannot skip this step to wait for 14 – 30 days. If you try to log in within these days, your account will be recovered.

Wait for 30 days, and then check out if your messenger account has been deleted or not.

It will most likely be deleted if you have deleted your Facebook account too.  


Deleting a Messenger account has only a few steps. However, you cannot avoid deleting/ deactivating your Facebook account. 

You can try the above steps to turn off your chats on your Messenger account, and the article has also highlighted why you are not able to delete your messenger account.

If you want to get rid of messenger completely, it is always better if you disable your Facebook account and then delete your messenger account.