Fix: This Account Is Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp

This Account Is Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp

Whenever any terms and conditions provided by the WhatsApp team are violated in any form, then you won’t be able to have access to WhatsApp and a pop-up message will get displayed on your screen.

The pop-up states that “This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp” and it restricts you from accessing the application.

This Account Is Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp Meaning

This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp means that your account might have been temporarily blocked or permanently banned by WhatsApp because you might have violated the terms and conditions as put forward by the WhatsApp team. 

This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp error doesn’t allow you to use WhatsApp and if it is a temporary ban then you can wait for 8 – 24 hours for the ban to get uplifted.

But if it is a permanent ban then unfortunately there isn’t much that you can do.

This Account Is Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp

Why This Account Is Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp Occurs?

One of the primary reasons you face This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp error is that you have violated the terms and conditions of rhe application.

Other reasons that your phone number is not being allowed to use WhatsApp are:

  • You may have used some third-party applications like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Delta, etc, and not the official WhatsApp.
  • From your WhatsApp number, too many groups might have been created.
  • Sending bulk messages to the unknown number who are not there in your contacts.
  • Impersonating or trying to be someone else by creating a fake account.
  • Forwarding or sending illegal, explicit, obscene content among people.
  • Getting blocked by too many people at the same time may raise suspicion.
  • Getting reported by too many people may be the reason for getting banned.
  • Sharing the content that promotes or instigates violence or harassment.
  • Sharing threatening content among the people extensively.
  • Sending phishing links and malware through apk files. 

How To Fix “This Account Is Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp“?

Fix 1: Contact WhatsApp Support

Contact and send a mail to [email protected] explaining your way of using WhatsApp and requesting them to remove the ban.

Fix 2: Follow The Instructions

When you open your WhatsApp and get the pop-up message stating that your WhatsApp number has been banned, then you need to select the support option.

Then enter your problem along with a screenshot and select the next button. Then select this does not answer my question option, and your message will be attached to a mail automatically.

But before sending the mail, you need to change the email Id to [email protected] and write your problem with reasons why your number should not be banned.

You will receive an auto-generated mail and within 24 hours, you may receive a reply to your email, and they may lift the ban.

Fix 3: Wait For The Temporary Ban To Be Lifted

If it is a temporary ban, then it may be lifted within 24 hours, and till then, you need to wait and follow the guidelines issued by WhatsApp to unban your account.

Fix 4: Change Your Number

If it is a permanent ban, then nothing can be done in that case. So, the only option left is to change your number and create a new WhatsApp account using the new number.

Fix 5: Use VPN

You can use any free VPN and select another country to access WhatsApp as it changes your IP address. Doing this may help you to use WhatsApp even if it is banned.


If your account is banned, you will get the message “This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp.” when you open it.

WhatsApp ban accounts if they feel the account behavior breaches their Terms of Service, such as when it includes spam, frauds, or endangers the safety of WhatsApp users.

If you believe your account was banned in error, please contact WhatsApp or file a review in the app, and they will investigate your case.

They will  get back to you as soon as their review is finished.

When you request a review via the app, you will be asked to provide a 6-digit registration number that you will get through SMS.

You’ll be able to submit your request for a review and add information to support your case after you’ve typed it.
To understand more about the permissible uses of WhatsApp and the behaviors that violate our Terms of Service, we suggest carefully studying the “Acceptable Use of Our Services” part of our Terms of Service.